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BGM "The sound of a bewitching bonds" / Toshihiko Sahashi
(1959~ )

CURRENT RENEWAL in September 30 (Sat.) 2006

Ri Mājon of the Calm Morning Sea (朝凪, Asanagi)
An ancient Ri Mājon that is used by a choir to send off comrades.
Plumbum male commander knew the meanings because of
Dominūra and Limone taught their Ancestors.
Like other diplomatic Ri Mājons, this has no known effect other than the flight pattern.
Choir Ignis Fan Novel

Choir Ignis Fan Novel
Mamiina and Yunn on board career Alks-Niger age... Japanese fand translate English Fan novel ...

Falllen Niger (From Simulacrum news paper)
What kind of attcking of Enemy? Arcs Niger.....fallen...
Today's digest news at Simulacrum War, All image is reprint from two famous news paper which
one is underground paper...

Formal image reprint from
"The Voice of the blue fountain", Simuracrum Newspaper
Another image from
" Cleanness our Atoll " Argentum Under-ground newspaper

WF2007 report by Maruya Studio
The Ri Mājon of Solidification
(Simoun 1/48 Ventus"Long-hone regina special)

The Ri Mājon of Solidification another window
(Simile simoun 1/48 Odonata)

Anyone-who poll to "Erif" ??
I poll to him , want to together with him(her??)

Elly has personality as Erif

Argentum atoll nation get wireless-communicater at ep16?

Detail is

Neviril found Argentum Flying Fortrass

Lotte(x2) and Schwarm (Lotte<2> x2) formation !!

Passsed Renewal History

REGINA airframe Zoom climb image!
New Chinese Simoun(西蒙) fan page open in June 2006!
Frame style beautiful color and capture image! Sorry I can not under stand Chinese Lunguage!
But so fun!

Now June 10 ,2006
I add the MIDI -
MP3 For Fire-Fox (MAC) plug in , especially "Lylics" page has music plug - in
add my Simoun fan page
Consider to copy right,
main melody is KARAOKE only ! please recognize!
Simoun Compser, Toshihiko - Sahashi has the work,
especially a lot of past tangos and the hommage to the church- music.
Astor Piazzolla's "Liber_Tango" or other Tango music and more Mozart's "Symphony #40" !!
The plug in switch to OFF / ON and possible to Volume adjustment !


Aged Patrol air-Career on board relegated. Choir tempest's new mother ship ,appeared Episode 10 !
add !

Fan-Novel (Fictions)

Simoun Orijinal-Sound Track 01 translation subtitle

Three Herical Mortris for Arcs Prima

”Simoun”  「シムーン」 特設メカ紹介ページ
 special page!!
Special Fan Page
Although it is a fan page, I repeat sufficient quantity of information, and viewing anime and comic read
and watch & listening of a work, and, as for this page, am polishing the report.
Although a part also has reasoning from the given information, it is fundamentally based on rational judgment
and rational information.

Simoun World and Historical   exordium story background

It is a star different from the earth that becomes a stage somewhere.
People called own star system ' The Great Sky land'.
Here, human is always born as 'Woman (as female)'.

And, it is 'Adult ..choice... ' then toward 'Fountain' when becoming 17 years old as
for sexality and jender !

Time for engine "Helical Mortoris" of the apart from others of "Simulacrum Shrine nation"
(Simulacrum Imperial princess nation?) in which heroines ..under the war.. live
The invasion of the neighboring country "Argentum-Shou(Coral) nation "was violent day by day.

The Imperial princess nation "Simulacrum"remodels it to use Twin-seat type flying-craft
for the ceremony "Simoun" to combat unavoidably for the interception.

Therefore, girls who are "Shrine maiden" who has not been decide sex or jender yet :.

It is made to reorganization by the combat platoon that is continuously called
"Call / Choir " as a pilot..

Very few girls who can manipulate "Simoun" are called, ' Simoun Sibylla
', and because the specific ability.
They was permitted to be chosen to grow up (≒chosen gender) or posypone for myself..

However, because they are excellent after the war starts
The continuation of the control person of interceptor "Simoun"
In a word, "It keeps is a girl" will be compelled …….

The war continues, and a lot of sacrifices are made because of "Choir the Tempest"
that Regina Neviril leads.

There were a girl and Arel that drifted mysterious air in the pilot who had been summoned as
the replenishment number of women.

This URL is "Simoun" related The world consideration and mecha
(Air frame) Consideration page.
You requireed Character Bios and other categories,
Please Jump Wiki and my Below-pages!
(From Ms.Yui, This page webmistress)
Simoun WIkipedia
Orijinal -Source is Japanese"Simoun Wikipedia page
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The Comic ver. SIMOUN is serializing  "Yuri-hime" Anthlrogy magazine !

Aael Figure model exhibition in
Tokyo-animefair 2006...
I remenber " The Left Hand of Darkness" (Ursula K.Le Guin)!!
"The Gods of Xuma"( David J. Lake)
"Commitment Hour
"( James Alan Gardner)
Purunbum Ridge Nation"s anti-Air tanks  
To tell the truth, for "Helical Mortoris (helical motor)" though it is the control pllot jaclet and Google remind that make
Armored Trooper VOTOMS Pilot "Chirico" recalled somehow
It is a pilot in the nation of the invading mystery.

Because it has a technology alone that cannot fly on a dangerous gas type airship and the cloud that ignites by lightning (5000m or more)
With "Simoun" series of the flying craft "Technology given by the god " in the Shimurarclm Imperial princess nation.
The above-mentioned engine is requested.

The design says the setting in long-term Super-ancient times foreign nations, and the design to make aircraft or Inarshal-flying machine "Vimana" of the legend of Space Technology and Ancient India

VYMANIKA SHASTRA http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/freebooks/history/vym.html

somewhere recalled.
It is a design to recall.
Restoration vision by Dr. Hatcher Childress in 1929
(aircraft type: Shakuna Vimana)
Reproduction chart by present age Maurice Graham
(aircraft type: Shakuna Vimana)
Technological concept book on Vimana
Based on (Vimanica Shastora)
Various people : in the 18th century.
By this rotated car
The design of flying Vimana
It has imagined it.

The Christianity of left figure in
the 18th century.

It was persecuted as a heterodoxy sect.
It wrote about people of the gnosis sect.
It has the rotated car.
Vision of "Sandara vimana"

No Chirico ・・・ it It reflects in soldier's eyes. "Neviril"
It refuses, and when it is always born as 'Woman', comes, and he becomes 17 years old, man faces 'Fountain' here.
This pilot who doesn't understand either is a woman from radio actor's voice. the ..'Adult'.. seeming ..choice.. face of sex in the google then
(Say by our concept) it It understands.

Great Mr. of the army of 40 years old - 50 years old also handle the interval with low not the men's voice but elderly voice and are handling the female radio actor who can put it out.
It is an art scene.
It uses for the fountain and a serious story like "Ranma" a man (neutral).
Is Pierce done when often seeing, and "Takarazuka style. " somehow?

It is a flight mother ship in other countries that used seen street and gas, and fighters at a position far from the front because it is weak also to gunfire to say nothing of lightning.
It stands by shooting.

At the beginning, and static electricity electrifies and is in air sac inside and skin of the airship.
It is not improved or because it is an atmospheric other party, it becomes inefficient only for conscience' sake though the electrical discharge needle is applied.
Want to rise in meteorologically safe stratosphere (9000m-10,000m), and highly of B29 thoroughly to zero-Fighters of the WW. II war insideI cannot climb it.

Is not being possible to fly on the cloud can able to go out on the cloud absolutely, cannot able to go to the stratosphere, and a metaphor expression?
Because it seems to be unstable vehicle, and "Helical Mortoris" (helical motor) is necessary for that
As for the music of this volume, the music of the chanson & Tango style of France is used..

Because music is Mr. Toshihiko Sahashi though it is fashionable
May I expect it?
Cauldron Simoun

Designer's Mr. "Jin Seob Song" referred to the interior and feeling of quality according to the overseas animated cartoon site.

Q: Is it "simo'u'n" and an erratum on an official site etc. though it is?
A:"simoun" is a French mark. The France harmony dictionary is ..".. hot wind to which the sand mixing that blows in the desert provinces in the Arabian Peninsula and the Africa northern part, etc. dries.
With the poison style. 」 It is, and the meaning of a word is almost the same as "Wind that the sand mixing that blows in the desert in Arab, Syria, and Africa, etc. is hot" and "Strong hot wind that blows to the desert", etc.

It is used as a machine name of the small size all-round machine produced in the Caudron Co. in France in front of World War II.
Writer and flight person's Antoine de Saint-Exupery's making Caudron Simoun a love machine at that time and even doing a lot of long flights
The name is good and it is known.

With Cauldron Simoun in December, especially 1935. When you challenge the flight record the shortest sweepstake
It collides with the hill in Sahara (desert) in Libya because of bad weather at on the way to from Benghazi to the heating pad after it takes off from L Bulju and it makes an emergency landing.
Do not drink for three days in the world under the intense heat and the freezing point until it is rescued by the caravan in Arab of the street clinging, do not eat, and life and death based on the wandering experience
The episode that "Le Petit Prince (prince in the star)" was created is too famous.

There is actually sex though the snail is a victory or defeat this functionally body though it is a design of a seemingly ill-shaped snail.
It behaves as a male, and the same individual behaves as a female for another other party in a certain other party by the standard that only the snail understands. To the same other party
Roles of Osmes are the same always.
One and behavior and the function seem to have a lot of two numbers of no understanding of man of sexes that the snail is recognizing by making the body though are what.

Thus, it daring is that design.

This is "Simoun" series of the airframe that the god left (legend). 。
The rotation body at the center flies by this by a helical motor.

An original ability originally : according to the example though it seems to have had the ability like the shuttle that can go up to the satellite orbit.
It is lost. )
As you see, the maintenance worker also :. female
From the boarding scene of hero (The heroine, hero) Arel
Meters are avionics are retrofit by later era's people (de- tuning ??)
"Ri Marjon" is sealed off, and one bombarded airframe survives at last, and it is discovered by Paraietta's airframe. Rear seat
Navicater (It is "Pal. " and more "Sagitta" in the word of this world) already seems to have died.
The means of communication is a cable listen to sound communication as seeing because an original ether wave communication-
device has already been lost it.
It is Ri Marjon, and it is not possible to use it if not flying by the formation.
Shimun without fixed arms in the above-mentioned circumstances originally uses the wave motion of the shock wave and trapper (?).
The enemy plane is dropped because of the shock wave.