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BGM "Nina" / Astor Piazzolla (1921〜1992)
「ニーナ」 / アストル・ピアソラ(1921〜1992)

Birth & Lifestyle in  The planet" Sky Land"

The hypothesis the birth of the planet "Sky Land"

The birth of all human-beings as the woman, and to a constant age the world where it is decided whether like the woman or it is a man and to exist. Then, how do it give birth to a child naturally, and the doubt of the selection of the character and the relation to birth is caused.
If it is one-side, and Shimuon Sibylla.

Aael said
"I'm neither not a man or woman. "

Even if the effect of the female hormone "Estrogen" that there is an expression reaches, the doubt of selecting the woman as the living thing again ..birth ability.. is caused.

- hypothesis A- (a lot of theories)
When they goes to fountain and sex is fixed, and it starts and the birth ability is caused. It is not possible to give birth if sex is not fixed.
Only the effect of Estorojen as the girl.

-hypothesis B- (small number of theories)
The Fountain, and the change to the man is begun only by the person who selects a man.
Therefore, it matures as it is as a woman, and birth is also possible if it leaves the society when the fountain is refused and it lives

-Exercise (drill)-
She goes to the fountain, "Halconna". has become a male .(Man: "Halconf ")
However, it turned out the pregnancy of the girl ("Neviril") ahead of that by the ter and conduct doing with the partner.

-hypothesis A-
It is started to go to hypothesis- A , fountain, generates the birth ability, and
this exercise is impossible.

-hypothesis B-
It is possible to give birth to the amount to be fertilized and to have conceived only by the change's with the male hormone (androgen) starting even if it went to hypothesis B fountain and a man was selected till then.
However, the fertilization thereafter of the change to the man is stopping temporarily impossible by working of the Progesterone-hormone. The male hormone is activated to prolactin professional's decrease and substitution as soon as birth and the suckling end and the change to the man restarts.