Shimoun Fan art contribute Bulletin board open!

  1. Fan art of making concerning "Shimoun" by yourself (Include it in C.G Collage okay).
  2. The name of the character or airframe is described to comment of your art.
  3. The reprint from Comic Yurihime or anime "Shimoun" is not good. Your orijinal Fan art is need for webmistress!
  4. Permit it when you contribute fan art drawing of the other people the the fan-artist herself / himself.

Shimoun Fan art post Bulletin board open! in Japanese wiki page!

Adress is

- Contribution method-
  1. If you pushed " 投稿(=Contribute)" of " お絵描きページ(= Fan art post contribute board ) " , the page is changed
    " 投稿画像確認(=Contribution image confirmation)"
  2. "あなたの描いた絵の登録が成功し,添付が完了しました。"(=The registration of the picture that you drew succeeded and appending was completed.)
  3. "画面内上部の「閉じる」リンクにて、画面を閉じた後「投稿する」ボタンで投稿して下さい。(=Pleas e contribute with "Contribute" button in "Shut" link of the upper part in the screen after shutting the screen. "