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 BGM "piazzola_invierno_porteno" / by Astor Piazzolla (1921〜1992)
 「ピアソラ・インヴェルノ・ポルテーノ / 

Reprint from "The Voice of Blue fortune" News magazine intervier to administrator Halconf

Reprint from "The Voice of Blue Ffortune"News magazine interview to administrator "Halconf "
*This article is fiction as if Webmistress Yui visit the planet "Sky Land ",and interview wth governner....

Yui: I straine and interview with the "man" of the first time, and more over politician.

Hello,、the lady, and another world vister Yui, Today 's intervier is going to schedule to print at MAY issue "The VOICE OF BLUE FOUNTAIN "the news magazine our simulaclm nation 's.

Yui's monologue on writing
*... At first I thought he is more feminine face because of all human-being on this planet who was born of everything of female, and
reach to the a constant age, they decided permanent physical sex and jender woman or man....

Halconf: What go wrong?

Yui:Ah, no, I start to interview.

Yui's monologue on writing
He is masculine more than i imaginated before I met, tall and slender , onlly difference is Voice of tone of lower-alto and woman's frame remainings....

Yui : May I want to hear the opinion of the invasion of the "Argentum-Shou nation " in this time?

Halconf: The invasion, it is clear and a plan filled with the desire to try to plunder of the treasure by which our country becomes it in sacredness.

Fortunately, our holy nation is separated by the ocean and steep mountain range, They cannot attack without boat or air-craft, but it is impossible to their Primitive science, until just Now...

Yui :Just Now??

Halconf: Yes, the Argentum people is misfortune,why the nation is Totalitarianism as you talk your planet historical collapse nation so,
as like....

Yui :Yes I talk about our collpsed hisrorical nation example " USSR " or "NATIZ " .

Halconf: That nation's people has No-right to desision of physical sex & jender, The nation force to many of people were Male by andlogen hormone When the new baby has born for soldier or industrial worker, except for the needs few female for population as if Baby Production machine.
The river water and the sky is polluted, and it becomes impure, and the majority of people suffer from pollution-related disease.
Certainly、our Simulacrum nation has the dicision to people's physical sex & jender at age of 17., 
There is at least freedom of the selection of the individual though it is not a total freedom will because the half of the human race must be "Opposite jender or sex".

Yui's monologue on writing
*....I remember the movie "Casshern" BY Kiriya diirecter's movie one-scene, in Dictator's nation of the majority of the people who
were suffered from pollution-diisease.....

Yui :How will you fight with them in the future?

I want to call to the people "Know Your Enemy: Argentum"
Recently, the event that the remaining soldier from the airframe that crashed in our territory had lurked happened.
The enemy is swept away by the volunteer in my fortunately, the number of these way events is expected to be going to increase in the future though the thing cry was obtained. it is no-permanent our nation defended by the breakwater of nature.

Yui :Are your justuice and public attitude as the politician that your daughter Ms.Neviril has gone out to the front of the combat as a Sibylla Aurea (=shrine maiden) BY Simoun ,aren't you?

Halconf: Yes, Lady Yui, at first I'm administrator, AND the seconnd the father of daughter,
If she comes back safely, the responsibility as politician's daughter at the same time also really has me in feelings said to her in every case witho
ut fail, "
" Welcome home, Neviril " though of course the wish for daughter's happiness.

Yui :Thanks , Gentleman....