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Ri-Maajion image add at

Considerations of the Automatic Herical-Mortris Rifle

The airframe size of Simoun, and the guess of top-speed

-More opinion-
" Are parachutes a lost technology? " by Futaba-chan's question

-June 18 (Sun. ) ,2006-

Future ejection seat??
0 G - 0 speed , 0-altitude and Super-sonic & Vacuum accepted?

Marty & Beck Mk - 7(revised) zero / zero ejection seat
(Stonewell & Belcom Inc. Vf-1seriies "Block-#6"after )

These 3 fan novel has mature situation or sexal Literary expression contains! (Slash or...)
If you have not reach the aage 18 or , Ability tojudge coolly, avoid these three fan novel, please!

-June 2 (Fri. ) ,2006-

The Argrntum shot UN-manned Flying Bomb guided by gyro!!
(Translater notes: Probabely that flying Bomb has Proximity fuze or V.T. Fuse(Magic fuse) and similer to The Fieseler Fi 103/FZG-76 (Vergeltungswaffe-1, V-1), known as the Flying bomb)
(That picture aret collected from the enemy plane shot down and it photo-developed it.)
add !

I renewal Sub-page "Futaba-chan's Some unanswered questions " http://www.geocities.jp/emiri_0623/F...d_question.htm
The page became easy to inspect more for your Broeser!!

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<Arcus Niger >
All Black colored , Arcus Prima's sisters ship.

Simoun Orijinal-Sound Track 01 translation subtitle to...

Mamiina consideration to...

The Chor Ignis add to

31. Was Mamiina the Regina of Chor Ignis, or just one of the regular members? (And if she was the Regina, will she take not being the Regina any more with good grace, or is there a major personality conflict on the horizon?)
32. Does "Sibylla Aurea" mean that Neville was merely the best pilot aboard Arcus Prima, or does that make her #1 across the entire Simoun fleet everywhere? How is the holder of this office chosen?
Futaba-chan's question and 32 's answer add to

Such as "Baronh (=The Abh language) "
(The Crest of the Stars),
"The Zentraedi language "
(Super Dimention Fortress MACROSS) to

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<Arcus Niger >
All Black colored , Arcus Prima's sisters ship.

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The language
( The setting of the difference world language
& difference world character )

-May 8 (Mon. ) ,2006-Patrol air-Carrier "Messis" add at

-May 5 (Fri. ) ,2006-Today is KODOMO-NO-HI (CHILDREN'S DAY) holiday in JAPAN

Lyrics translation "That Which Is Beautiful Is Good "(Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii)

Identification of Shimoun composition each Craft in "Choir-the Tempest"

-May 3 (Wed. ) ,2006-Today is holiday in JAPAN " Constitution Day "
The concern with Wireless and Binary fixed star

"Purunbum Ridge Nation"
add grossary (Draft)

<Choir Dextra>
Another Shimoun Choir now collapsed at the war.
Dominūra is the last remain of that corp

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The Choir "Capt", "Lbor" two air corps added to

THE Reasoning of origin of Aaeru and remaining doubt
to"Q&A and consideration page!"

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"Original duty time (-hour) of choir the Tempest"
In Episode 3, Arel said
"Ah, it's a custom when in charge "choir" (=Wings or Corps ) at midnight. won't you?."
Paraietta said:
"We were dismissed the mid-night duty in this emergency. "

It understands the imposition from the remark of the above-mentioned at nighttime assumed to be necessary of the skill & capability
the flight duty at midnight original choir-Tempest, article add "Q&A and consideration page!"
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-April 24 (mon. ) ,2006-
1: Add " Science level" in the Sky Land planet article at "Q&A and consideration page!"
2: The source , MANGA-version "Simoun" serialized anthology manga magazine "Yuri-Hime"
  of the full name of Arel is added to"Q&A and consideration page!"