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Futaba-chan's Some unanswered questions  From Animeski Forum

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May 28

Futaba-chan's Some unanswered questions (Total)

(The latest verdion is Canada in Tront is A.M 11:14 in June 13 (Tue.) /
Tokyo JAPAN is A.M 0:12 June 14 (Wed.),

I renewal Sub-page "Futaba-chan's Some unanswered questions "
The page became easy to inspect more for your Broeser!!

1:Are there ground-based Simoun, or is the force based on Arcus Prima (and hypothetical sister ships) all there is?
The Simulacrum has a compact carrier fleet or "Messis " aged patrol air-career on board relegated "Choir-Tempest ",Their new mother-career (Appear Episode 10!)

-Kaoru Choujo-
Ground-based Simoun. In ep8, we saw ground-based Simoun at the village where Mamiina was living, near the Plumbum border

2:Simulacrum appears to be able to manufacture Simile; can they build new Simoun, or is that a lost technology?
-Futaba chan-
They can build most of the systems on a Simoun, but not the helical motors themselves, which are relics that were unearthed from an archeological dig somewhere in the country.

--Kaoru Choujo-- I'm not sure whether they need ancient helical motors to make simile or if they can manufacture single rings. And I'm not sure whether their Simouns are made from ancient motors or are actually found artefacts themselves. The difference between the standard vertically-oriented Simoun and the V-Simoun "of the ancients" makes me think Kyuukoku can make Simoun from ancient helical motors.

3.How significant a blow was the loss of Choir Cup? Was it a catastrophic loss of up to a quarter of an irreplaceable resource, or was it just the first of many skirmishes in a long war between two large forces?
-Futaba chan
Nope. There's more than one Arcus Prima-class carrier, and there are further Simoun choirs based on the ground. And perhaps they even managed to salvage some helical motors after the battle from the downed craft?

---Kaoru Choujo-- a more significant loss than we realized at the time, but just the beginning: the loss of 2/3 of Prima's Simouns was devastating, and the loss of Niger was the end.

4:How big is Simulacrum? The Simoun appear to travel at subsonic speeds (similar to a first-generation jet fighter, perhaps?), and rely solely on visual sightings to detect opposing forces, and entire chor appear to operate together when they sortie. Is Arcus Prima's Simoun group actually providing full patrol coverage for the whole nation?
-Futaba chan-
Simulacrum is large enough to have a railroad network, although it's possible to commute from the Citadel to the Spring or the Grand Temple and back in the same day. Arcus Prima isn't solely responsible for the entire country -- there are other ships in the fleet[Messis and Niger are the only ones we ever know about], and further Simoun choirs on the ground.

5.Does Simulacrum have other classes of aircraft besides Simoun and Simile? Are there air transports, for example?
---Kaoru Choujo---- Carriers like the Arcus ships and warships like Messis are the only ones we see.

6.How do personnel (Dominura, for example) travel between Arcus Prima and the ground?
-Kaoru choujo-
Transport from the ground to Arcus Prima. Simile is a good suggestion. And in ep8, we saw ambassadors transported to Arcus Prima in a barge lifted by Simoun
. -- mainly Simile, it appears, but also Messis-type craft and barges lifted by Simoun or Simile (ep7).
At end of episode 1 , Aae arrives at the ship with a training simoun (her grandpa's i think) , the type flown by 1 person. when it was later restored to shiny condition by the techie (waripof? ) and crew , and Aael comment that she'll drive this one until she got a pair.

7.How do citizens of nations other than Simulacrum and Argentum deal with sex selection? Presumably, they don't come to Simulacrum's Spring... so what do they do?
The answer solve or The hypothesis has none until now!

8.If Aaeru was a cadet at the southern front, and the Simoun are the only effective forces, and Aaeru had never flown a real Simoun before being assigned to the Arcus Prima, what forces are engaged on that front? Mass-produced Simile? Simoun that Aaeru just wasn't assigned to? Some sort of ground troops?
-Kaoru choujo-
Forces on the southern front. There was at least one Simoun at Mamiina's village, so why not at Aaeru's? That seems strange to me, too. Aaeru was flying her grandfather's Simile, so at least those exist. And there were definitely some (apparently quite ineffective) ground troops at Mamiina's village. -- There was at least one Simoun at Mamiina's village, so why not at Aaeru's? That seems strange to me, too. Aaeru was flying her grandfather's Simile, so at least those exist. And there were definitely some (apparently quite ineffective) ground troops at Mamiina's village.

9.If Argentum and Simulacrum share a land border, why did the Argentine fleet need to cross the ocean to attack in the first episode?

>1. Simulacrum Shrine nation("Simulacrum Imperial princess country"??) separated across the ocean from "Argentum Shou Nation"
(=Argentum "Atoll" or "reef" Nation)

>2. In Episode 5, Enemy Anti-Air Tank Unit is belonged to "Purunbum Rei-Koku"
(=Purunbum Ridge Nation).

>3."Purunbum Ridge Nation" shared Steep mountain range to border "Simulacrum Shrine nation("Simulacrum Imperial princess nation"??).

The Some of English Fan-Sub otaku has mis-understand to confuse When "A" is "B", "Argentum Shou Nation" is the "Purunbum Ridge Nation"
"Purunbum Ridge Nation" shared Steep mountain range to Simulacrum Shrine nation("Simulacrum Imperial princess nation"??).
"Argentum Shou Nation" far from the Simulacrum, over the ocean.
But "Purunbum Ridge Nation" near to the Simulacrum, only shared Steep mountain range.

-Kaoru Choujo's opinion-
The magazine pages posted earlier say that Simulacrum is "small," is in the mountains, and has no seas. So I think it is likely small enough for one or a few Arcus vessels to cover
The same page says that there are "a hundred and some tens" of countries on Daikuuriku, and names Simulacrum Palace (Shrine?) Country, Argentum Reef Country, and Purunbum Ridge Country. As Yui posted, Purunbum is supposed to share a land border with Simulacrum, and is the source of the attack in episode 5, but Argentum is across water.

10. Are parachutes a lost technology?
Detail is below LINK
The reason escape equipment is not taken into consideration with Simoun

1. Religion and cultural evasion Simoun is a craft for the GOD, used for a religious rite to the last, do not attach the equipment for escape or it does not carry in, or since it is profanity to God Temps-Spatium, carrying out is not permitted.
2 The Pride because of Ostrich algorithm

11.Is the Ri Maajon image in one Simoun's gem repeated in the gems of other Simoun in the same choir?
-Seaka's hypothesis-
If not, how does a chor coordinate which Ri Maajon to perform when its communication cables are disengaged?.
Yes. How then the others know what kind of Ri Maajon they must perform?... I dont saw any cables either... But they need some sort of leader... (to many cooks destroys the meal or so)

-Futaba chan-

-Seska's Quite and Answer contribution post-
xx. How do citizens of nations other than Simulacrum and Argentum deal with sex selection? Presumably, they don't come to Simulacrum's Spring... so what do they do?

Like we do it in our time. With Hormone... Today you can give a man, woman hormone to let them change sex.. Well, until the last part... you know.. but breats can raise from his chest... and that kind of stuff works on a woman, too. Give a Woman Man hormone, and she will lose her woman chest, and build up some muscles... Why do you think that some "Amazones" (Oympia these girls that lift this heavy wights) looks like men above the upper part )
Well, in Simoun the soldier said something equal too. when I remeber right.. He was forced to be a Men for the war- machine...

12We've seen the Sibyllae, Wapourif's maintenance crew, and the bridge crew. How many more crew members are needed to operate the Arcus Prima?.
-Futaba chan-
Quite a few, judging from the number of coffins from personnel killed in the suicide bombing, the number of their shipmates at the funeral, and the easy availability of crew members to carry extra furniture into Neville's stateroom at Halconf's bidding.

13.Do other nations also adhere to the religion of the Tempus-Spatium, or is that unique to Simulacrum?
-yui- Plumbum Ridge Nation
One of nation that exist in the sky land.
In the mountains nation located in the north of the Imperial princess (Shrine)Simulacrum nation, it is in warfare from an economic logjam with the Imperial princess (shrine) nation.

Is the religion animus.
It is different from the Imperial princess(Shrine) nation excluding the worshiped thing.

The animus believed in in the next Pulubum Ridge Nation though not admitted publicly it is recognized the same existence to temp-spatium..
Administrator Halconf suggested at Episode 7,the shimulaclum nation worshiped the god "temp-spatium" is the same existance
Plumbum ridge nation worshiped the god "Animus" by his acknowledge & reserch.

But he concealed that results because of the fear (consider) to negotiation disorder about the plumbum ridge nation.

-Kaoru Choujo--- Reikoku's religion is very similar, just calling the deity by another name.

14.Does Simulacrum have the highest level of left-over lost technology, or are there other states with different kinds of applied phlebotinum?
The answer solve or The hypothesis has none until now!

15.Is the Ri Maajon magic, technology, or a miracle?
Yui's hypothesis of the the principle of Ri Maajon and helical motoris (hypothesis)
Helical motoris drives in response to the unanalyzable wave motion emitted from Tempus-Spatium remains.

The operation principle was presumed based on description of the MEGAMI magazine.
First, if the right fixed locus defined by Shimoun is drawn, it will let 翠玉 (Suigyoku=Green Emerald JEM) pass and will work on the crust - each ring of the upper and lower sides of Helical motoris brings about the effect of the so called R.P.G. MAP arms of saying space and the time
- (correctly, Time Base Correcter /T.B.C) in the Roll Playing Game game term which blows away the energy in accordance with being twisted of control and space from a rent to opening or another space, respectively.
In addition, the space distortion and the rent after an effect are beforehand corrected to a motion of a Track behind a craft, and recovery operation of a automatically -closing is included in circuit space, for this reason the ring of the Helical motoris lower part commits TBC. Therefore, since, as for Shimire Shimoun which used the dead copy of "one of the two" of original Helical motoris one-pair" considered that the scientist of "Simulacrum Imperial princess nation"analyzed with imperfection, and the engineer reproduced, only one kind for space control has reproduced the above-mentioned motor upwards, and it does not have "翠玉 (Green Emerald JEM)" but there is also no control function, Ri Maajonis not made.
For this reason, Shimire Shimoun there is little predominancy to the fighter of"Argentum-coral nation " only at armaments of a machine gun (speed and motility won) a sake -- a single seat type -- the object for a battle is also considered are used mainly as a double seat training plane for a certain thing.

-Kaoru Choujo--- I'm going on the basis of "technology," but the evaporation of Onashia seemed miraculous. Drawing the right pattern with the Simoun Gem may interact with a spacetime field of some kind.

16.What is the large cone-shaped hill in the opening credits? The one covered with buildings, with a cantilever airstrip and some other projection sticking out of it? I've been calling it the "citadel," but what is its actual function?
Kaoru Choujo--- sticking out of it? I've been calling it the "citadel," but what is its actual function?
-- the Grand Temple

17.What is that other funny thing sticking out of the citadel, that angles up into the sky at a thirty to forty-five degree angle?
Kaoru Choujo---- another landing strip/drydock
18.Are there other interesting places on the ground in Simulacrum besides the Spring and the citadel?
Kaoru Choujo--- the Ruins!

19.Is the water surrounding the citadel a river, a lake, or an estuary? Do the boats on it trade with other nations?
- Kaoru Choujo's opinion-
Since the magazine page said that Simulacrum had no seas, I guess the citadel hill is in a lake in the mountains.
I have been thinking of that as the capital, where the Pool of the Grand Shrine is located、but I don't really know for sure.

20.How open are Simulacrum's borders for trade with other nations?
-Futaba chan
The country is surrounded by mountains, but there are some nomadic tribes that wander back and forth across the Plumbish border. Whether or not there are trade routes to other civilized nations is a nice question....

21.Are there Argentine spies hidden among the population, trying to steal technological secrets?
-Futaba chan-
Yes, she appears to be the head of state. How far-reaching her powers are remains to be seen, but people defer to her.
- Kaoru Choujo's opinion--- There's been no definite indication, but it seems likely, especially near the borders, where the nomads pass back and forth. And I wouldn't be surprised if something funny was happening at The Centre, too.

21.Is Onashia really the head of state, or is "Grand Shrine Empress" just a courtesy title?
- Kaoru Choujo's opinion--- There's been no definite indication, but it seems likely, especially near the borders, where the nomads pass back and forth. And I wouldn't be surprised if something funny was happening at The Centre, too.

22.What other clergy does the religion of the Tempus-Spatium have? Do retired Sibylla who have spent their formative years as priestesses frequently take religious vows?
-Futaba chan-
There appears to be a group of adult priestesses (or other high officials) who dress in red. We saw a few of them in the first episode.

23.Aren't other nations worried about the rise of the Argentum war machine? Might Simulacrum find allies somewhere?
- Kaoru Choujo's opinion--- one of many lacunae in the military/political background

24.How do the dragonfly fighters land?
The answer solve or The hypothesis has none until now!

25.How are the dragonfly fighters recovered aboard their carriers?
The answer solve or The hypothesis has none until now!

26.How do the dragonfly fighters work? It doesn't look like the "wings" would provide enough lift -- is it supposed to be a lifting body shape?
-- Kaoru Choujo's opinion-- seems an unreasonable shape to me, too

27.Can anyone fly a Simile, or is it also limited to Sibylla who haven't chosen a sex?
-Kaoru choujo-
People seem to think that only priestesses can fly Simoun, but Aaeru is not a priestess, and Mamiina's superior was mistaken about her not being able to fly one, so perhaps all non-adults can. Maybe even anyone can, although I doubt that. The Argentum solider in the woods apparently couldn't make it go, but maybe that's because he was only one person, not two. It's certainly possible that religious feelings have prevented any experimenting with adults as pilots.-- since Anubituf flew one, it seems that it is not limited to sibyllae or those who have not gone to the spring. in ep24, Reikoku soldiers are said to have gone after Yun, and they couldn;t have done that without air transport, possibly Simile.

They certainly seemed worried that Angulas would team up with another girl from her delegation to steal a Simoun. Of course, Angulas was a priestess, so that could argue either way....

28.Do the Simoun have a maximum range?
-Seaka's hypothesis-
As far as i know.. (Afaik) their Gems dry only out if they make the Ri Maajons. Therotical, they can flight as long they dont use to much Ri Maajons.. (Episode 01). The source of energy for the crystal must be the Pilots.... "you must pilote the Simoun with your body and soul" (some place in a Pool scene...) Body = direct piloting... and Soul perhaps for Ri Maajon and "engage" of them.

-Kaoru choujo--- I read something that suggested they can only fly over Kyuukoku. Not sure.

29. Limone watches a performance of the Silver Ri Maajon, but it doesn't detonate. Likewise, Aaeru's practice runs don't appear to have had any expectation of a detonation. Is there something that the Sibylla do to produce warlike effects from otherwise peaceful Ri Maajon?
-Seaka's hypothesis-
They need "the will to kill" to turn these Ri Maajons for real... (Episode 01, can be a possibility why she said "dont look into his eyes, you will lose the will to kill)

30. Has Simulacrum given any thought to carrying the war to the Argentum Coral nation homeland?
Consider the effect of the Silver Ri Maajon over the Argentine airship docks, or the factory that produces the dragonfly fighters....
-Kaoru choujo-
Consider the effect of the Silver Ri Maajon over the Argentum airship docks, or the factory that produces the dragonfly fighters.-- they may just not have considered it, or they may indeed be a limit to the Simouns' range. Or it may just be an insufficiently thought-out aspect of the military background.


-Seaka's hypothesis opinion: Perhaps, they cant go that far away... Perhaps they have a "mother Gem" that are the source for the flighten their Simons... Or they wanna only defend yourselfs...
-Seaka's hypothesis opinion-
Perhaps, they cant go that far away... Perhaps they have a "Mother Gem" that are the source for the flighten their Simons... Or they wanna only defend yourselfs...

-Futaba chan-
If they haven't even clued in to the fact that they're at war, apparently not....

31. Was Mamiina the Regina of Choir Ignis, or just one of the regular members?
(And if she was the Regina, will she take not being the Regina any more with good grace,or is there a major personality conflict on the horizon?)
--Kaoru choujo--- she was a great pilot, but there was never any indication that she was Regina

32. Does "Sibylla Aurea" mean that Neville was merely the best pilot aboard Arcus Prima, or does that make her #1 across the entire Simoun fleet everywhere? How is the holder of this office chosen?
In episode2, the people of the Simulacrum on board train said "Sibylla Aurea" ("Neviril") is shining as if the gold.
Her number one title of honor is gifted for the entire Simoun fleet every where...

--Kaoru choujo----- she's It for the whole country.

33. Why is Yun the only Chor Tempest member who doesn't appear in the opening credits? (And is there anything special about the unidentified maintenance technician in the background of the Floe/Morinas shot?)
My wild, crazy speculation : Amuria will be back. She got screentime in the OP, while Yun didn't. Maybe it will be like Futaba-chan said, Yun won't survive long enough to choose her gender. So Amuria will replace Yun's position in Chor Tempest and bring more conflict to Neville who now has a new pair, Aaeru.
We still don't know is Amuria REALLY died or not. No corpse or dead body, and I remember someone told theory about Amuria "being brought to the Tempus Spatium". Then there's still chance for her to come back.
--Kaoru choujo--- I think the enemy fleet prevented them from getting in position to draw the pattern
-- I wonder if her story was developed only as the show continued. In any case, she did get into the OP eventually. And I love that little waving figure, but I don't think she has any special significance. Maybe she's Nishida Asako (the character designer and animation director).

34. Did Floe and Alti cause the failure of the Iron (Tetsu) Ri Maajon in the battle against the Argentine airship fleet? They did one more Ri Maajon (the Shark) than the rest of the choir, and they were the ones whose gem was running out of power....
--Kaoru choujo--- I think the enemy fleet prevented them from getting in position to draw the pattern

35. How many Simulacrans make choices at the Spring that they later regret? How does that compare with present-day Earth? What do they do about it?
--Kaoru choujo---- unknown, but easy to guess: they sometimes regret their choice but just have to live with it. Numbers unknown. As far as what they do about it is concerned, we don't know the prevalence of same-sex relationships in Kyuukoku.


36. Is everyone heterosexual after going to the Spring? Are there same-sex romantic relationships, or is that discouraged, or channeled into opposite choices when couples go to the Spring together?
-Kaoru choujo--unknown. Let's watch Anubituf/Guraghief (and maybe Morinas/Waporif) to find out.T

37. How durable are the Simoun helical motors? Were the ones from Chor Caput's downed Simoun from the first battle salvageable?
-Kaoru choujo- apparently unsalvageable

38. Does the Tempus Spatium have a gender?
Wait. So Tempus Spatium is a human with gender? At first I think it's a heaven-like entity?

-Futaba chan-
That's the question: is the Tempus Spatium an abstract deity, or an anthropomorphic one? The iconography is unclear: there are a lot of abstract columns-with-wings, but there's an enormous goddess figure on the wall above Anubituf's captain's chair on the bridge, and on the bow of every Simoun

39. Was Amuria involved in the conspiracy that Dominura is part of? Are they trying to find a pair of Sibyllae capable of performing the Emerald Ri Maajon?
-Kaoru choujo---- unknown. By late episodes, the Temple One is looking for a pair who can do it, but in earlier episodes, it looks like Dominura is cooperating with the military faction to do it.

40. What were the names of the two Sibyllae who were killed in the opening battle? What about the pair who went to the Spring later in the episode? Why don't their friends (and nakama) ever talk about them?

-Kaoru choujo---- unknown. I think they don't talk about them because it would confuse the plot and our learning of characters.

41. Who are Rodoreamon's parents, and why is everyone so deferential to her? Neville is Halconf's daughter, but people don't call her ojou-sama as a result -- is that just because everyone already respects her for being the Sibylla Aurea? Are Rodoreamon and Onashia related?
-Kaoru choujo-- -- I think Rodore is from a great aristocratic family. Halconf may just be a successful bourgeois. No indication of connection between Onashia and Rodore.

42. Is there class conflict in Simulacrum? (Other than Mamiina, I mean.)
I think it's extremely likely that there is. If only descendants of distinguished families normally become Sybillae, than it's not quite a stretch to assume that the case is the same for the other high-ranked priestess and they seem to hold a lot of power. I would assume there are a lot of people who feel like Mamina (maybe not in such a dramatic way, though.)

43. Does everyone in Simulacrum adhere to the religion of the Tempus Spatium, or are there minority religions? Are other religions suppressed?
Kaoru choujo-- unknown, but it looks as if Tempus Spatium is the only religion

44. What other political factions exist with in Simulacrum? Are there political dissidents?
-Kaoru choujo---- unknown. I'd speculate that there is the peace party (the priestesses), the war party (the military),and that there are some dissidents among the population

45. I don't think I've ever seen either of the helical motors on the Arcus Prima spinning. What are they for?
-Kaoru choujo-- -- I think they're covered so we can't see them even if they do spin. Not sure.

46. Messis doesn't look like she has a helical motor, and Arcus Prima doesn't seem to use the ones that she has. How do they fly?
-Kaoru choujo-- I think they both have single helical motors.

47. Argentum lost 15-20 carrier zeppelins in the first battle. What fraction of their fleet does that represent?
Kaoru choujo--- unknown, but they clearly have a large manufacturing capacity (cf. USA in WWII).

48. Is Daikuuriku the homeworld of the main characters, or is it a forgotten space colony?
Kaoru choujo---- unknown, but I think the latter (or something else)

49. Why were the Plumbish priestesses so motivated to carry out their suicide attack?
--Kaoru choujo-- religious reasons, under the influence of the power structure. But the malleability of religious principle is indicated by the fact that they themselves are willing to fly Simoun in war to destroy the Kyuukoku Simoun. But they did not take part in the attack on the Grand Temple.

50. Did the male peace negotiators know what was going to happen?
---Kaoru choujo- It didn't look like it to me, but it's uncertain.

51. Are these Argentum 's flying Bomb has Proximity fuze or V.T. Fuse (Magic fuse) and guided by gyro?
Similer to The Fieseler Fi 103/FZG-76 (Vergeltungswaffe-1, V-1), known as the Flying bomb)
-Guppy's opinion to the first half question-
If they were using VT fuses, shouldn't the first wave have detonated above the water instead of under it?

-Futaba chan-
Yep. Those look almost exactly like the V-1. Interestingly, though, the wings were vertical, rather than horizontal; perhaps whatever alternate aerospace technology is letting the dragonfly fighters fly without conventional wings is also at work on these? In any event, they certainly seem to be derived from the dragonfly fighter airframe....

And continue to link
Futaba-chan's Some unanswered questions  From Animeski Forum
Yui from Okinawa
(The latest verdion is Canada in Tront is A.M 11:14 in June 13 (Tue.) /
Tokyo JAPAN is A.M 0:12 June 14 (Wed.),

Add Futaba-chan's opinion to Q51

I renewal Sub-page "Futaba-chan's Some unanswered questions "
The page became easy to inspect more for your Broeser!!

Futaba-Chan's UN-answerd questions (Add Hypothesis)

The airframe size of Simoun, and the guess of top-speed

(The airframe size of Simoun, and the guess of top-speed of Simoun.)

The expression which changes with production in this film although it is Shimoun and Simile-Simoun which should also be called leading role in the mechanical side in this work movement is carried out quickly and it is very much hard to grasp the size and speed of the air-frame for little body depiction of a comparison subject.

Moreover, no concrete setup and size data about the airframe (place by the present) are also released. although there be little information from which "the Vanship" from "LAST-EXILE" often refer to from the viewer-audience of the consideration taste of this work be obtain too much compared with third page figures, such as a directions item of each meter, and a role of a switch and levers, full length, full, quantity, having been released by a publication, or DVD data, etc, it will guess as much as possible from the slight data now release.
About size Shimoun and Simile-Simoun which do not have the necessity for wings (there is an overhang of a Arnament hard point) or a tail compared with the F/A-18F "Super Hornet" described previously.
While it can do quite compactly compared with full of F/A-18F , the full length of 18.38m and full of 13.62m (wings folding :9.94m) , it is Herical Mortris' diameter is influenced by the unit conversion diameter 4m-6m class and thickness (from C.G. data of Ending film to about ratio presumption 1.5m...) in our world, and becoming a body with the high back exceeding 4.88m of "F/A18F" cannot deny total-quantity in the Herical-mortris level state of a metaphor landing form.

The age of the call Tempest and the list of height which are released now are shown as follows.
(Reprint from Animedia magazine June issue.)

Name Age (Conversion our term)      Tall (cm) Proportion Ratio Foot size (cm)
Aael   17 years old 150cm B83 W63 H85  22.5
Amuria   17 years old 163cm B90 W59 H90  23.5
Alti   16 years old 156cm B72 W56 H79  23
Neviril   18 years old 161cm B87 W58 H92  24
Paraietta   18 years old 170cm B98 W60 H93  25
Floe   16 years old 152cm B98 W60 H93  23
Rōdoreamon   16 years old 158cm B83 W66 H88  24
Kaimu   16 years old 156cm B78 W56 H80  23
Rimone   12 years old 140cm Unknown 20
Morinas   18 years old 164cm B86 W60 H84  23.5
*Dominūra   25- 35 years old 168cm+(Detail Unknown) B96 W62 H97  24+
Mamiina   16 years old 160cm  B83 W56 H84   23
Yun   16 years old 156cm B85 W57 H85  24
* Biglobe-Simoun page said Dominūra is age 19, but I can't believe that data.

Because of the simoun activated who is not determineed permanent sex girl "Sibyllae" before going to the spring.
I thought that the scale of the cockpit of the airframe is stored in the above-mentioned size. considering being designed on the basis of Europeans and Americans' adult guy's physique (170cm+), generally bodies, such as a modern jet-fighter in our world, are considered to be things somewhat smaller than this.

Moreover, in the scramble start scene of the Episode-1, Neviril is pulled to reason Amuria in a hand, it rises on the Simoun airframe, activating of kiss each-other and next to Emerald (Jade), and estimated six of steps (step 5 + foot hold only step?) can be checked by C.G drawings of the cut-scene which gets into the AURIGA seat of the attestation (Long-hone) REGINA special-Simoun .

Generally, since 25cm ~35cm is made proper, step standards interval, such as a ladder in the transportation machine in our world.
If 25cm of the minimum interval is adopted from the reason for the above, although the total quantity from the ground to an AURIGA canopy edge humdle serves as 150cm +(alpha) cm since the height to the first step joins 25cm x 6 step =150cm , and ground to first foot-hold only step interval is reffer to Our world School-Bus averrage.
There is is usually 800 mm of floor (low-floor formula), the regular route by 900mm or more , and I the a low value will be adopted considerration to girls's physics and there will be at least 80cm+150cm=230cm.

Since there is ascreen ratio of each time with a rose by illustrating, if ratio measurement is carried out from CG-data of ED, up to the SAGITTA seat canopy upper surface (body quantity), 5m ~ 5.8m, further, the tail tip of a REGINA Simoun(Long-hone) is in the folding-less state of a ground posture, and the vertical width (landing-configuration) of 7m, and a flight configuration will become 14.6m~16m a little less than height.

In addition, about Shimoun "Twin-tail"(Domunura & Rimone airframe), since the Tilt- mechanism of a seat cannot especially be observed on a screen, the maintenance group made into the start of Waporif cannot but consider that crew members especially with the high (in view of a Sibyllae average) back, such as Dominura, and crew members especially with low height, such as RIMONE, are adjusting the position and size of a seat suitably for every body which

About speed First, it is superior more overwhelmingly in Shimoun than the flight machine of Argentum, in view of the power and the technical gap of the body.
Although Shimoun of the keepsake of the grand-father of Aael was tired considerably in seven talks in two talks and it was overhauled by Waporif and others, predominance will be clear, in view of having not allowed the fighter of "Argentum atoll nation" (礁国) to come near at all, but on the other hand having taken and shot down the predominance of the other party on the target also in the state before maintenance adjustment. It is surmised whether it has come more than out of the speed (250km ~ 350km) of the helicopter in our world at least what maximum speed the body of "Argentum atoll nation" has what kind of internal-combustion engine and lift organization, and has in view of the unknown diameter and unknown drag of a but huge propeller rotor.

In order that a REGINA airframe may perform Ri Maajon Green Emerald(Jade Ri Maajon) in Episode-1 "Fallen Wings", on the other hand when a perpendicular zoom climb is carried out on thick ominous clouds, it can check that "wing-tip(OR "Projection") vortex" and a pressure wave have occurred.

That is the phenomenon often from the hit which is reduction which a pressure wave (it is not a shock wave,but resemble!) arises for a whirlpool to arise or break if this becomes a certain amount of the body itself below acoustic velocity speed, the form of body form will influence.
A tip part approaches acoustic velocity partially, and an air layer becomes unstable, and through acoustic velocity partially, and occurs, and exceeded 600km/h seen, and is the top speed about the 1st generation jet aircraft (Lockheed P/F-80C "Shooting Star Roceedquie "/ 956km/h, Gloster Meteor Mk3 / 765km/h, De haviland DH-115 T.55 "Vampire"/869km/h) has what has come out considered from the terminal propeller (recipro engineed) airplanee in this to our world. In order to go into(*1) the umbrella of the triangular pyramid of the shock wave brought forth in case the body flies at supersonic speed in form on the other hand, unless it projects in the form of the body too much, and there are too many parts and there are also by the factor of a certainpower place (Force-shield or barrier said Sci-fi fan commonly) etc., body form twists that supersonic flight is likely to be borne and it is surmised at least from things that the speed more than acoustic velocity cannot be gathered.
(*1) The modern supersonic aircraft is having body form designed according to the above-mentioned rule(Area-rule and co on), so that it can break through acoustic velocity by realistic body intensity and engine power when,

On the other hand, it can be safely stood still in the air distance putting canopy opening since voice can also be caught mutually, it can be said that a low speed, stillness, and calm capability are the capability which cannot be imitated on the airplane which makes a principle wing-lifted and the internal-combustion engine (turbofan jet) in the world of us.

-More opinion-
 " Are parachutes a lost technology? " by Futaba-chan's question

10. Are parachutes a lost technology?

 The reason escape equipment is not taken into consideration with Simoun

In the recollection of RIMONE in the time of the Episode-5 "White Solitude", there was depiction to which the older SAJITTA which was in her backseat was given up outside the plane, and had fallen to its death by air contact of Simoun during training of silver Ri Maajon .
Escape equipment like an ejection seat for Simoun which can change speed freely may be a thing with thin necessity. (However, since a possibility that a parachute will not open is hight when an altitude is low, there is nothing at the reason no necessity for zero speed and a cello advanced ejection seat is...blast off jettison the Canopy!)

Moreover, although it is possible in technical level and collision dangerous parts, such as that and a vertical tail, have just few tails, even a thing like a parachute is not equipped.
If the human beings of Sky-land are the almost same figures as us at all, planet environment, such as air composition and gravity, cannot be different so, and thinking that even a parachute does not function has unreasonableness. If it becomes so, society and the reason for cultural religious can be considered. The reason was considered below.

1. Religion and cultural evasion Simoun is a craft for the GOD, used for a religious rite to the last, do not attach the equipment for escape or it does not carry in, or since it is profanity to God Temps-Spatium, carrying out is not permitted.

2 The Pride because of Ostrich algorithm

Ostrich algorithm is one of the solutions about a problem.
When a certain problem may occur, The problem is rarely generated (probability is low).
Cost starts coping with a problem exactly.
The solution unenthusiastically disregarded as if the problem had not occurred to the generated problem, when above.

(The origin of a word from "Ostrich in the desert waiting to thrust the head into the ground and for to pass away, if a sandstorm comes !)

There is no element which should deny a presumed basis also in two above-mentioned any.
The conversation of a purport "whose Herical-mortris' thorough investigation has not accomplished from religious evasion" maintenance length "Wapolif "in the Episode-3 "Distant War" of "the Simulacrum imperial princess(or Shline)nation", Even if it sees the questions and answers with The religious "Military affair Yuan" (司兵院) ? to Neviril in the Episode-9 "The Trial" which do not look at reality, these two elements are presumed whether to be involved complexly.
Therefore, it can be presumed to be in the reason for cultural / religious that a crew member's safeguard is not incorporable into Simoun.

On the other hand, the pilots of the flight machine of Argentum are the bodies which can control neither inertia nor acceleration, and it is thought that flight equipment is as thoroughgoing as the fixed belt mask (it is unknown whether it is an oxygen mask) to goggles harness and the body, and the parachute grade at least is equipped from problems, such as still more dangerous poisonous gas, in view of the situation of the airman of Argentum of The Episode-4 "Nearby War".
Any will be driven in inferior in strength, however Herical-Mortris of the Simulacrum nation as a result the Simoun and Simile-Simoun may excel in such a situation from the flight machine of a foreign country technically. It is because a supplement of the great crew member is unreproducible like the body.
(Especially defeat of the aviation military power of Germany and Japan is said for the difference of body productive capacity to also have had a cause in the tactics of this very human life neglect with last thing the axis side of the Second World War)

The solution of carry the escape equipment adapting this and an urgent flying suit manufacture and is considered because there is suit technology in which it is that of *3 mentioned by the setting staff side, and "Maaju" can be performed in response to the power place with Herical-Mortris, at least when there is technology to the extent that it is portable about Herical-Mortris' imitation if such from now on a situation is improved .

Even if it says that acceleration and a shock are absorbable by Herical-Mortris
If it is a flow to all-out war that "aesthetics" stops accepting like the change in the initial ? second half of the air battle of the double leaf machine in the First World War in our world at all, in consciousness reform of The religious "Military affair Yuan" (司兵院) ? of the simuracrum nation.
Or unless the business field where religion, The religious "Military affair Yuan" (司政院), does not involve plans use of force, such as grasping sovereignty, and carries out military system reform, however there may be The religious "Military affair Yuan" Grace of Temps-Spatium, it will be difficult [ it ] for Simuracrum nation against almost all the countries in the world to survive.

(*3) Reprint From Megami - magazen June issue article
A spiral morter "Herical-Mortris"'s benefit unearthed only from the territory of the Simuracrum nation is very graceful

"Herical-Mortris" who continues operating that it is pollution-free and eternally. A diameter maximum of about 10km (!) it exists from a thing to an about 3cm mini-morter bythe minimum, and plant, the object for fighters, an so on , are properly used by the use.
無公害で永久に作動し続けるヘリカル・ モートリスは、直径が最大約10km(!)のものから最小で3cmほどのものまで存在し、発電所や戦闘機用 など、用途によって使い分けられている。

Considerations of the Automatic - Herical -Mortris Rifle

Consideration about small arms In the Episode 11th "United Front", the Automatic rifle gun of the army soldier of Simuracrum
who became the form which considers cooperation strategy as a Simoun unit unexpectedly is considered.

The rifle (rifle gun) which the army soldier by whom all the members are almost constituted from a male (They choosed) soldier had equipped depiction of almost but reaction.
There is nothing lighten full automatic, But it had blazed away in the state where it cannot consider.

If the appearance of a rifle is seen, it can grasp being equipped with two spirals of the form which can take a drum magazine wind, however the pocket version of Herical-Mortris apparently forward and backward.

Although there was also an opinion whether there is nothing from the drum magazine of a bullet partly, an inertia moment becomes large to remainder by the weight thing of a magazine at the tip of a gun barrel seeing the installation position of two byways of the shape of past a small one and a disk to remainder, in view of a caliber, and it becomes heavy management to remainder, and is irrational.

Moreover, although it does not understand whether this is the same as the bullet of a rifle since there was a scene which it is considerably heavy rifle cartridge made a box type magazine, and is loaded with the kimono in this editing at the time of battle preparation, it seems not to be a magazine first, in view of relation of the screen of order.

Next, they consider the application range of that rifle gun that two sets of these disks are Herical-Mortris.

1:Even Plumbum, and Argentum arms probably are usually performed in our world using a spring, reactionary use, and gun-powder gas pressuree generating automatic or half-automatic a series of flows of automatic operation (bolt action etc.)
(Charge -> eject cartridge -> the following cartridge charge) are made to perform for Herical-Mortris power .
(It seldom seems to be about the meaning to replace)

2:The reaction at the time of firing of the rifle itself is mitigated using the character of Herical-Mortris who controls inertia.

3:By two pairs of Herical-Mortris's gyroscope effects, a gun barrel prevents that of the blurred, and stabilizes it, and hit accuracy is raised with the developed type of the use of 2.

Three can be considered.
Although there is a merit with appropriate all, about the necessity of applying Herical-Mortris even to such small arms, it is not ascertained.
However good the physique may be, since since former is the female body as much as possible reaction of a gun few carrying out the it was going to make the gun (weight increases) of the diameter of a large quantity comparatively although not found a thing, it is unknown for details.

However, difficulties of the soldier of safety measures though that was right, when power is turned off, and the front treated while taking pains in the rifle gun by the hand of the designer who does not understand the spot by the side of "Military affair Yuan"(司兵院), for a projection part to hook by rough treatment by the battlefield, damage it, and see one pair of graceful two-set arrangement Herical-Mortris (for me to want consideration of a plastic surgery cover) bear.