Simulacrum National Railways


Two persons exchange kiss against the background of the sky where empty began to turn bright. Before a reverberation awakes, a pink lip is brought near by green bririant ball. Emerald which begins to emit light palely. And Helical-Mortris which begins to play low noise as if it shook the vehicles itself.
"Helical-Mortris starting"
"Starting check"
I call, while a finger shows with a peculiar tone. It is coolnd the soprano who are repeated to my voice. If nods are exchanged mutually, she will follow away to the vehicles at the tail end. Escape from the uninhabited passage of a still gloomy coach.
The place is a Simulacrum national-railways central precinct starting station here. It is the center of the railroad spread around the Simulacrum whole country. A tablet, a control handle, and a diagram are received, and since a prayer is offered at a predawn station, one day starts. While we are the shrine maidens dispatched from the shrine, we are the drivers of a railroad, and we are conductors.
Teens-girls bears operation of a railroad. that is peculiar to thef Simulacrum-railroad. If Helical-Mortris is used for power at all, naturally a shrine maiden cannot but join.
-- I'm a drop behind, however ?

The cabin attendant took out the face with the place which leaked laughter calmly by and one person.
"Good morning. The shrine maiden made what"
"Good morning. No, it is nothing."
I salutes by smiling lightly. The shrine maiden slack person of a shrine must be graceful at any times, and must be in them.
"It is left as at the appointed hour. How is the direction of a drawing room? "
"Cleaning and check have ended. A visitor can be greeted at any time."
"Although it is the first train, it waits for many visitors."
"It seems that the direction which abandons the devastated capital increases in number and comes."
I breathe out small.
"They are such things as war."

The Special seat cars, such as belong to the soldiers of Argentum and the Simulacrum-people become jam-packed at a second-class wagon. The disorder to the Simulacrum-people by the Argentum soldier who got drunk in the train did not cease. Therefore, although I had had the sturdy man stationed to a room clerk, an effect does not not much have soldiers with a gun at a partner, either.
It is "coming to a drawing room and needing the method of Ms. shrine maiden ."
The incident in which the driver who is a shrine maiden was shot dead by the Argentum soldier had occurred just the other day. They who do not believe deity of Temps-Spatium became irritated with the train.The train has stopped,because of  lacking the shrine maiden , and claimed several more Simulacrum people's life. it will not know, even if there is no shrine maiden and it is the country to which even a train does not move -- them.
Thank you for ". Will you leave it to you and will become leaving? It says also to a conductor firmly. Probably, that child is not in not jumping out, if a noise takes place, since a sense of justice is strong. please protect firmly -- "
The bell of a call sounds from a conductor room.
"Yes. morter-car"
"Rear. preparation means. " which asks the start of the procedure before departure
"Morter-car comprehension"
The morter car which runs by Helical-Mortris supplies all kinds of power to succession vehicles. If electric power is not sent from an engine, lighting will not be lighted, either, and even braking equipment cannot be opened if an oil pressure valve is not opened. The procedure before departure is giving the power from an morter-car to rear vehicles.
The work as a check list is digested sequentially from the top. Although the contents had touched him to the core so that they could be said in the sky, it was the important work which keeps many visitors' life. Lists are crushed one by one so that there may be no leak. .
"May a divine protection of Temps-Spatium there be for one day today also!"
If it finishes burying a check list, the language of a prayer will be sung to a conductor in chorus by two persons. The passengers of a home to whom the switches of the lighting thrown in simultaneously with a response make a coach bright all at once and who looked at it began to stand up in succession. Although it could not get on until it finished the last check of vehicles, probably, passengers were waiting impatiently long ago. The Argentum soldiers who took up position in front of cars, such as Special seat, are beginning to make noise as already put on a train.
"I feel anxious about the point."
Checking Helical-Mortris which dropped the output on ? standby ?, I get down to a home. It is for separating the reserve power connected to the morter. If end starting is carried out, inducing immense energy only by Helical-Mortris is continued, but you have to give power from outside only at the time of starting.
"Hello, my baby-sister, it seems to be heavy for you?  I'll help you? "
One of Argentum soldiers had spoken. Having come for help is an excuse and, probably, it came for teasing the female engineer who is a shrine maiden, when the place which is sticking lower valger laughter on the face was seen.
"Although a kind proposal occurs, if I have a visitor help, an engineer cannot save his face. Since the inside of a work division is also dangerous, please return."
She can speak now about the language of the occupation being what it is of the crew, Argentum, and Plumbum with babble. The soldier who hesitation does not have, either and has addressed in Argentum language did not give his ear to the said thing here, either, but has turned the hand to the shoulder.
"Hey  baby, what are you recognize Argentum language?  It steps on. don't bother  I said that  you helps."
"I said that  it was dangerous."
I turn to a soldier the power terminal which had said so and was held in the breast.
"The large electric power of only being able to start an moter flows into this terminal. severe rather than first struck by thunder, if touched -- it is -- "
An armful also releases an ozone smell with a certain faint power terminal. Soot has also stuck by the sparks scattered to the degree of connection of a terminal. Furthermore, one notices the fat cable having leaked the low-frequency vibration, and a soldier is back after several steps.
I called to the room clerk of great character. It found being involved in a soldier and it was run instantly.
"The visitor here asks for a drink. The full difference of the tea has been carried out."
"Yes. The shrine maiden"
"He is the visitor who did the kind proposal. It is " so that there may be no impoliteness.
Mr.SUPIRIFERIFU shows a way please with a huge form toward a soldier. He is unusual for people of 宮国 and are the figure carried out strongly and an owner of low voice who is echoed from the bottom of the ground.
The fat cable  connected to the engine is stored to a lifting equipment, it gets down to a track, and a bumping post is removed. Although such work was the station worker's charge before, in the now whose people decreased by war, it is a driver's work. the helps of track maintenance work also run short, or it comes out, and the personnel just whisper about each other by when an accident occurs and a dark face.
People of the face which became and was tired at entrainment time are inhaled by the coach. I who am a driver also stand on the side of a bus door, and make an arm cross in front of a breast, and a passenger is greeted. Although there were many passengers who speak by the bright face before, now, those who turn a smiling face to the shrine maiden dispatched from a shrine had decreased.
When the look was raised suddenly, there were four persons of the dress of the gray which was wearing the tall hat in a passenger's sequence. Tattoo of a characteristic frame -- He is the shrine maiden of Plumbum.
The shrine maiden of a victorious nation bent the knee lightly with the smile peculiar to a religion person, and has sent the greeting.
"Welcome! -- Simulacrum national railways. That shrine maiden of the. The method of Ms. shrine maiden can also use single rooms, such as special seat."
Although preparations had not been made since there was no connection beforehand, single room vehicles are also connected. It had become the plan which assigns the high-class officers and diplomats of Argentum a single room. They are the reasons of security rather than it says that the human being of a victorious nation was considered. Although the people of Simulacrum pushed and were character mild in general, when people who fell to the predicament by defeat make it a front [ influential person / of the enemy country ], it is not known when they change to a mob.
The moment the top shrine maiden raised the look, I frozen.
Individual distinction cannot follow the shrine maidens of Plumbum easily because of the tattoo of that the dress is modest, the Osamichi hood which hides hair, a hat, and a conspicuous frame. Features were also ready the shrine maiden and did [ a shrine maiden ], and although the hair looked into through the crevice between the Osamichi hoods was skillful red hair, it seemed not to be the existence which is conspicuous specially. It was impossible for me to detach to a thing the look united with her. The blue pupil which wore 灰味. Red hair bursting into flames. The transparent skin in which a freckle remains. A plump lip with thin however vitality. The face is looking down on me straightly.
".... No. As for a shrine maiden, let honorable poverty be a virtue in Plumbum. it -- me -- combs also ask for the contact with people of Simulacrum -- "
The answer in Simulacrum language fairly more fluent than my Pulumbum language came on the contrary after silence of small foolish.
It will not stop, if it says that he wants to ride on a second-class wagon. A shrine maiden is a shrine maiden also although it is called Kunihito Mine. Originally, the human being of strong Simulacrum of a faith does not ask a shrine maiden pungently, although it is the person of a foreign country. Since defeat, although the shrine maiden of Simulacrum was reducing the status, it has become public and she has not been blamed.
I bow my head in assent and see off a shrine maiden. Four shrine maidens got in the second-class wagon which is [ each other ] crowded. Whose one of shrine maidens pulls the hand of the old man who followed, and makes the stairs of a coach go up. the situation -- seeing -- I who was watching have noticed the redheaded shrine maiden having sent the look only for a moment, just before they disappeared to the drawing room.

The train left the station at scheduled time. Also although Simulacrum calls it a capital, if it runs also several minutes, a scene will serve as it of a country zone. Since it will run along the lakefront for the time being from now on, it is way going which looks at the shrine built in the center of a lake to the right hand. Although the large vessel and Arcs-Prima which can also be said to be yearning of shrine maidens were once moored to that shrine, the sight is not caught any longer. It is heard that it was transferred with defeat to Argentum.
"Speed 60. ?-? watch sign scheduled time passage"
The distance mark formed to the diagram [ which was put on the driver's seat ] and way side is compared, and it takes out to voice and checks. A numerical value is minced by the wings of the same design as the cross for males for down trains. For lines headed for Tokyo, distance is shown in the card of the same rounded wings as the cross for women. It is one unit by 11 small distance marks and one large distance mark. The monument of both wings is buried as a zero distance mark at the starting station.
Maximum speed was reduced by stagnation of track maintenance work, although this section was the high-speed route which the flat ground follows properly speaking.
-- Now, it is still good.
In order to secure safety, it is  possible to re-construct a diagram. But, it will become, without not attaching ascertaining of safe speed, either but making reexamination of a diagram henceforth, if the railroad organization becomes weak further. Maintenance of vehicles may also stop also fulfilling demand. The half of the engine of Simulacrum was already taken over to Argentum. Many shrine maiden ,which manipulate Helical-Mortris.
-- If sold at any rate, the direction of Plumbum will meet in merit.
The shrine maidens of Plumbum were visualized. No, having drawn on mind is only one person. He was a redheaded shrine maiden. although the dress was simple -- the body -- he was the beautiful person dressed stylishly finely. Harmony of a blue tattoo of skillful red hair and a frame was beautifully recollected so that it might burn. In order to ride on SimounUN, did it come to this country?
It murmurs in SHIMUN and the heart. It was the language accompanied by a faint pain.
"Has empty become muddy after war ends?"
The partner who acts as a conductor looks at it and murmurs the outside of a window vacantly.
"It is ? so."
"It is night especially. There is stellar a  few."
This route that pierces through Simulacrum north and south is a long-distance train which requires five day and night from the starting station of a capital to a terminal point. A shrine maiden's hand cannot be lifted for operation of an engine. Although even the terminal point will have been run and the role of a conductor at the time of off duty usually crewed in the cabin car at the tail end, changing the role of an engineer 8 hour respectively by two persons, it was dangerous to travel through a coach, and to go and come back to a cabin car and an engine now when Plumbum soldiers' occupy special-seat. The actual condition is having got a room clerk's male to execute a substantial conductor job by proxy. Then, the partner who could have time and left is looking at empty here.
That empty is becoming dirty says that many warships of Argentum and Plumbum are because it has entered at home. Although the airship which surely is seen occasionally was breathing out black smoke, it seemed that there is also nothing to the extent that empty becomes muddy.
"Don't you go to a spring?"
A partner asks me. It carried out here and ばらく and she had repeated the same question.
"There is nothing in a line."
"It is ? as , the younger generation  to make it carry out worthless soldiers' partner."
It answers without removing a look from ね and the orbital front well. There are not many applicants of a shrine maiden now. The industry of where treating Herical-Mortris is busy to reservation of a shrine maiden. A shrine does not require the opinion "go to a spring" for me that it will become 18 years old soon, either, probably because the shrine maiden who can be dispatched is insufficient. Although such a privilege must have been a looseness thing only at Sibyllae which rides on Simoun ....
"I want to go to a spring."
The partner said so, hearing here at a glance. It has not turned out that he wants to say, either. From before, she declared that the partner was looked for, was not afraid, and had applied invitation also to me.
Only three notches raise an organization output. The loose going-up inclination in which this point goes to a hilly country starts. It is the section where the slope sign of 1 per mille begins to be added also to the small distance mark. Although not necessarily separated from the lakefront, since the slope of a mountain is in contact with the lake as it is, a track is laid in a high position. Since the view from which the morning sun is made into a background and a shrine rises to a lake was obtained, it was also the time when many people offered a prayer also with a coach. Once.
"Is it heavier than usual?"
I murmur so and add a 1 notch organization output. Seemingly, the load will be heavy although the freight car other than a coach was connected four cars. The number of passengers of a coach is comparable as usual.
"-- such -- a freight car -- "
Right [ that ] and a conductor bow their head in assent.
"Seemingly, Helical-Mortris is stacked. for Plumbum"
Then I fell to the intestines. The shrine maiden of Plumbum is attendance of a cargo. Unlike Argentum, a shrine maiden is in Plumbum. If even Helical-Mortris is obtained, it will be saying that it can do somehow on its own account after that. It is not necessary to buy the whole shrine maiden like Argentum.
"When saying so, was there any shrine maiden? Plumbum"
"I see... "
"It was gazing dazzlingly."
"-- Obtaining -- ?"
"Such a girl as you like ?"
The number and time of the large distance mark which it did not understand how I could answer but have jumped into the eye are read out. When it was announced as passage at the appointed hour in a businesslike manner, the conductor sang to it in chorus.
"It is not blaming. It is what regrettably was given up long ago that your heart was not won. It is regretful."
"I ' ve seen you who are wearing such a face,for the first time -- "
"I met the shrine maiden of the foreign country, and it was only become tense."
She who laughs it as  "huh" meaningly is disregarded, and a look is returned on a track. The face was flushed a little. An alarm whistle is sounded in preparation for crossing passage, wishing a conductor I am not noticed.
".... A crossing -- yet -- the point -- "
I glare at her lightly by a side glance. The will "be silent" was put and the canteen was forced on her. The package of Cookie was thrown in passing and it became quiet at last.

It was a thing in the fourth stop station that the noise occurred the afternoon on the first. The home is only attached to the sidetrack for an up-and-down line to pass in the station but the unmanned station in which one of station employees is not present. There is even no field, not to mention a house, in the circumference about [ that woods spread ]. There is also no passenger. Simultaneously with a stop, the conductor faced to the engine of the sidetrack, in order to pass a tablet. A peddler is not in a home, either. The air in quiet woods was flowing.
I received the tablet from the conductor of the freight train of a sidetrack.
A tablet is a ring-like passing vote. Since the railroad of Simulacrum is single track fundamentally, it is covered with this tablet system in order to avoid a collision. In order to run the section of this point, this tablet received from the conductor of freight facilities is required. It serves also as the lock key of a tablet SHIMUN ball, and if this is not received, it cannot depart for the previous section from this station. It will go on exchanging a different tablet for every section for an opposite train. On the railroad of Simulacrum, there are few collisions by the favor of this strict structure.
Naturally the conductor of a freight train is also a shrine maiden. Greetings of the shrine style were exchanged and she who handed the tablet carried out by returning to its own cabin car in haste. Although I waited for a partner to return and check of an organization was begun, seeing off the freight car which begins to move while making a rattle and sound, the big voice with which the woman became it tense there sounded.
-- She is my partner.
When it jumped out to the home suddenly, the figure of the conductor who takes a stand against several soldiers of Argentum went into eyes. simultaneous -- Three flight attendants -- he is an all the members man -- jumps out of a coach scatteringly. I also grasped the large-sized spanner for maintenance immediately, and started toward her that it was running.
A 14 or 15-year-old girl leaned behind the conductor, and it was attached. Seemingly, the conductor controlled that the Argentum soldier tried to apply interference to the girl somehow. Probably, intense she of temperament has rubbed rowdies the wrong way. conductors and soldiers are contained about a feeling of tension -- the dangerous sign was set adrift.
-- It is unsavory.
Soldiers' hand is extended by the gun already carried on the back. When often seeing, the man standing on the head was also a man who has interfered at the home of a starting station. The human being who causes a trouble was decided.
It ran up at full speed, tooting an alarm whistle. The man who is trying to hold a conductor's shoulder stops a motion in the sound of the whistle. But, the timing was unsavory. The hot-blooded conductor will have opted for the brilliant throw, if a soldier's arm is taken before us goes into a stop. Furthermore, the face of the man who fell on the unsavory thing was kicked on tiptoe.
In the shrine, the art of self-defense for self-defense is taught to shrine maidens. It seems that but it is only what seizes on a partner's suddenness to the last, and is not used against a professional soldier with a gun. Behavior of a conductor has brought only a result at which men are excited.
"-- Stop --! -- "
The voice of the crew or me overlaps. Men made murderous intention rise high clearly, and have turned the gun to the conductor. It was calm and the shame that the given-up man is also flung off at a girl short in stature in the face of public cannot have been required, if carried out in . When it rose, the conductor was suddenly hit by stock of the rifle.
She in whom stock was driven by the flank does not have voice, either, and collapsed on that occasion. Furthermore, a man's crews divide and enter a hairbreadth with military shoes in the place which was going to trample the face. When it was late several seconds and I arrived, it had become enmity again.
"Return to a train."
When between room clerks was broken and it stepped toward the men front 1 step, I declared in the command tone.
"Hey. At the shrine maiden of and this morning, it is."
"To the soldier and a train"
A certain spanner is poked at hand also like the height which it had in the hand, and it shows. But, the demonstration action which put my dignity as hard as possible was disregarded frankly.
"It is brave. She is the shrine maiden of Simulacrum truly. he he!
"To the train, it has said "Return"."
Glaring at a soldier, directions are taken out with one hand so that a conductor may be taken to the crews. Looking at the conductor who was flurried completely and lost consciousness with the girl who is sobbing being carried to a train by the side glance, I overlook men.
"It carried out what. I cannot think the dauntless Argentum soldier who fought against the winges machine of Godess. It is about disorder against the child and shrine maiden with whom age does not go. Get to know shame."
"-- becoming silent --
- "

The man made me the slap. It was unavoidable although expected. It became a rider in the place from which a minute was flipped off by a man's 膂力 several steps, and it was going to rise.
"-- taking -- っ and what -- "
Although the male crew who remained before soldiers with me tried to go into the stop, other soldiers thrust a gun with lower valger laughter.
It is "not interfering with the shrine maiden with much trouble, gradually, since strip naked and wax are places."
The charge sound of a bullet is sounded saying so.
Even if it concludes with 抗 that the man who rode upwards will be pushed away, at physical strength, it is enemy trap かった. It does not mind, even if it stands a nail to an arm. Although it was going to bite as if it becomes and rioted, the slap was only further received with 2 times and 3 times. An arm can be pressed down, the button of a uniform is torn off and it is attacked by feeling of despair.
"No! no touch"
"Yes [ it passes and ]. It is か" in じゃ which is carrying out the very breast to it being before the shrine maiden and genderization.
A coat can be bared to the shoulder, it becomes a rider, and movement does not often become, either. Even if it flapped the leg recklessly, it could not do what, either, but tears of vextation merely came.
-- No Extaqtion  utterly.
However, the power which eliminates a man in the place which considered so is not necessarily acquired. Temps-Spatium is not Godess with the sufficient convenience which saves a believer's danger. It is everything Godess which manages harmony in the world. deity is given by determining the sex to people. only it leads Helical-Mortris to a simoun ball -- a miracle -- showing -- it carries out. However, it does not have relation in the thing between people.
With a dirty man's finger, it is made a grab, the idea of the breast is halfway carried out from on underwear, and it turns to width.
But, the report of a gun sounded then. God of the foreign country instead of Temps-Spatium had given help.
"The Argentum soldier,  Separate from  that shrine maiden!"
Having been echoed valiantly is the Argentum language of female voice.
"-- it is not audible -- if it does not separate, it is shot dead under the godess name of ANIMUSU -- "
It was the redheaded shrine maiden of Plumbum.
It is ?" when it is ".
The man tried to turn the hand to the gun carried on the back. Before the hand of が and a man touches a gun, the handgun which the shrine maiden of Plumbum gained sends out fire. A bullet strikes the point of red to the glabella of no away and hit a man. The shot man fell back slowly, ridden on me. The blood which blew off scatters splash, falling.
"Hey bitch !"
Three soldier  who held the rifle at ready and were coercing the circumference changed the color. But, the shrine maiden of 嶺国 does not have signs that it is perturbed, either, and has already turned the muzzle of a gun to one of men.
It is "? the fool who turns a gun to the shrine maiden of Plumbum is? ] whom."
A shrine maiden's voice gets cold and it is echoed with the cold. It has grasped having run agitation to men at the word.
"Place a gun and an identification tag and return to a train."
A stake and a shrine maiden shake a gun. The shown point is lounge car both だった. If it looks back suddenly, near the hatch of a second-class wagon, other shrine maidens of Plumbum hold a gun at ready and are distributing the sharp branch line to the circumference.
The men who placed the gun face to a train with feeble steps. Although dissatisfied voice was going up clearly from the direction of the lounge car, if the shrine maiden of Plumbum which stood close at hand sends a look, the murmur will also disappear.
-- Feeling of coercion.
It was also astonishment that the shrine maiden of Plumbum has shot the Argentum soldier dead frankly.
"Isn't there any injury?"
The shrine maiden of plumbum has changed and asked Simulacrum language. It helps pushing away a soldier's body and it is made to rise. The expression of the concern which appears on the face seemed to be another person with the coldhearted face shown to the Argentum soldier as the point. The red hair's shrine maiden put the thin overcoat on former me who have been bared. The hat which fell to the home is also gathered and handed.
"That child .... Is my partner safe? He is a conductor."
When looked back upon the train, three shrine maidens of plumbum surrounded Wearily and the conductor who lay.
"OK. We have the knowledge of easy medicine. Can relief be called? "
"Then, hurry as much as possible. Delivery of it and a Argentum soldier's dead body is also required. The police also needs to call."
It says so and comes to self. It was that I have to notice properly speaking. It runs in the center of a home confusedly and the telegraphic communication box for urgent is opened. Morlus-Wire is stretched by the railroad along the track. Although only the exchange of the coded signal was completed, it was the only method of contacting the distant area. I tell the occurrence of an incident and the injured's generating by a Argentum soldier. He heard that Sumila for emergencies arrived soon after the slight exchange, and it was relieved.
"How was it?"
"Yes. Smile-Simoun for emergencies is due to come immediately. Also police. -- it is likely to become impossible to send free and visitors to you to the destination."
If the conductor who is a shrine maiden will be taken to a hospital, Helical-Mortris of an engine will not move. Since it was separated from an engine of the both sides of a conductor and a driver, power should still have stopped. Although the call must have been applied in the neighborhood that a substitute shrine maiden should be arranged, the neighborhood of this is a forest area without a house. An alternative shrine maiden will not be found simply so.
But, the shrine maiden of Plumbum tilts a head.
"If a train is not a full-time person, can't it be moved?"
"Say. Four shrine maidens get down here."
Although the words of her who smiles looked again aghast, without the ability understanding immediately, she was seen point at herself and it has occurred at last.
"shrine maiden appearance -- It is ?" that a help of the shrine maiden of Plumbum gets.
"It is whether since how to move a railroad is not known, cannot help operation, but if it is starting of Helical-Mortris, the maiden of Plumbum will also get used to helping also as for me."
The proposal of the shrine maiden of Plumbum was reasonable. If Helical-Mortris is a person before genderization, it divides, and it will not separate and it will react. However, appropriate training is also needed for starting Simoun and comparatively big Helical-Mortris like this engine.
"shrine maiden appearance is in Simoun.... It is ?."
"Yes. I'm Simoun-Sibylla  engaged  in this war."
"If it is it, it is right or wrong. Please wait. It looks for sanction of a central commander room."
Transportation will stop the route of single track extensively only by one train stopping. The present capital paralyzes most of the transportation functions. The railroad serves as a thin lifeline which remained uniquely, and if transportation capability is lost now, a capital will lapse into the further confusion. Arrangements of a regular shrine maiden will take time. As long as it becomes as an emergency is endured, the shrine maiden of a succession train may be borrowed, Helical-Mortris may be started, and a regular shrine maiden may be replaced with somewhere in stations of this point. Minimum employment is possible if a shrine maiden makes even the remainder an engine also for one person. But as it is in the present condition which is in the decrease of the number of facilities, between will open the following train.
When the Plumbum shrine maiden's proposal was told to the commander place, permission got down immediately. Properly speaking, a shift of a shrine maiden is a vital problem which must obtain permission to a shrine, but the margin does not exist. First of all, it is this trend of the times to which the voice of a shrine is also falling. Probably, the central commander room was not applied to mind, either.
It seemed that an injury of a conductor was heavy.
"Since Sumila comes immediately"
Even if it grasps a hand tightly and calls out so, there is no answer about [ that a painful groan returns ]. Occasionally, the bubble with which blood was mixed was breathed out.
"OK. The state is stable. If it does not move poor, there must be no danger."
One of shrine maidens soiled the surroundings of the mouth with blood, and answered so. Seemingly, sucking of blood bubble(血泡) and breathing are assisted. It is said that three left ribs have broken. The rib which broke was what lungs were probably pressed and consciousness was lost for in a pain and an oxygen shortage.
"It seems that Simile-Simoun came."
One of shrine maidens looks up at and says empty. The thickset Sumila's shadow just appeared on forest.

It was early that departure permission got down. Before the joint military police of Plumbum and Argentum appeared, the departure which leaves only a soldier's body was allowed. The conductor was carried by Sumila and seen off in the hospital. An ambulance officer's valve says that a life is not in danger. It was much said that first aid was appropriate.
"He is the shrine maiden. Would you carry out [ engine wall ]?"
"It is called RUMINASU. So, please call. Since it is a shrine maiden mutually"
Thank you for ". It is my thing --."
"It's cool your name"
When I gave my name, the redheaded Plumbum shrine maiden laughed like a flower. It was not visible to that the point pulled the trigger without hesitation, and the same person.
If it shows around into the engine which will be seen for the first time, RUMINASU will look around the neighborhood curiously. Helical-Mortris from which are separated of both of shrine maidens loses light completely, and it is gloomy in an engine room.
"Please wait a little."
Leaving word so, I open the alcove slab near Helical-Mortris. The dynamo for starting Helical-Mortris in the place which cannot obtain electric power from the exterior is stored here. It is a small internal-combustion engine.
A fuel cap valve is opened and fuel is sent to a vaporizer. Fuel is compulsorily sent into an engine side several times with a pump, and a choke valve is set by the position of "starting." The scent of fuel attached the nose. And it does not already pass, but it is not too late and a starting handle is pulled using the whole body. It is a simple motor even with an unnecessary battery. A starting handle is interlocked with a crank with a wire, and passes through three-times of ignition positions by pulling to an end. The response was born while having pulled the handle. Small, small engine begins breathing simply.
After starting, when rotation was stabilized, the choke valve was returned immediately.
"It is the same thing as Simoun."
It is murmured that RUMINASU was impressed. Helical-Mortris of Simoun as well as the thing of this engine is started with auxiliary power.
"A dynamo is unnecessary if Helical-Mortris starts."
Also when Helical-Mortris stops in some rhythm, Simoun always works reserve power so that it may put into a reboot immediately. Simoun is reverse although a railroad is made in the direction which all stop at the time of failure. It becomes a mission that the vehicle which flies in the sky continues moving.
I was going to start starting of Helical-Mortris and have noticed my figure. The button of dress had separated, and a soldier's return blood is not called hand, and is not called face, but has broken up here and there. Now, kiss of the shrine maiden of Plumbum cannot be received at all.
"I am sorry. The time of the getup is got."
When this was a usual partner, possibly I had disorder of some appearance shut an eye. The slight time for regaining delay is regrettable. But, a shrine maiden in sight is exotic SHIMUN SHIVUYURA. if it is original -- a railroad shrine maiden -- there is no time even at the partner who can speak easily. A lip was not able to be soiled while it had been bloody.
But, the shrine maiden of Plumbum buttonholed me.
"My cause has soiled with blood. no -- without it moves. Please let me purify."
As for the word, RUMINASU took out the handkerchief so. It wets in the water of a canteen and it is begun to wipe my face. While the face was wiped [ why it is good and ] like a small child, not understood, it was close, and the look overlapped.
-- Ah,  beautiful pupil.
The moment of having united a look first was remembered. It was caught by this look. There was wonderful power in her look.
Blue which wore gray slightly.
A smile is returned to the pupil into which it has looked involuntarily, and shame is memorized just then. But, that RUMINASU began to wipe to a head or the bosom confused me further.
"Ms.RUMINASU . The kindness is although it is very kind ...."
If confused without finding the continuing language, RUMINASU will laugh small.
「遠慮なさる必要はありません。巫女同士なのですし。それに臨時とは言えわたくしたちはパルなのですよね? 互いの体を清めるのは当然のことです」
"He does not need to withhold. They are shrine maidens. Although it is emergency, am I PALs at it? It stands to reason that the mutual body is purified."
It was claimed so and he has left it to the hand of RUMINASU after all. But the shrine maidens of Simulacrum do not have the custom of purifying each other's mutual body. Although it had heard that a young trainee might be made to take care of personal appearance when it was regular Simoun Sibylle, I was not meant to meet with the shrine maiden of such a high rank. Until now.
"The blood of underwear may not fall. Although it is the elegance which seems to be expensive ...."
"No, such a thing is made the direction which are the exotic shrine maiden and Sibylla. It is thankful that I also had you help."
"He does not care. It will come in a hurry from it. If an engine is not moved"
Its head is obediently bowed in assent with yes, and it is clothed in a spare coat.
"A railroad shrine maiden is appointed."
one side knee片膝 is attached and it declares toward RUMINASU which made both arms cross in front of a breast. RUMINASU has put to me the red hair who removes a hat and the Osamichi hood and bursts into flames like the autumnal leaves.
The appointment to a railroad shrine maiden is equal to a baptism. holy water -- the water which hung down the perfumed hair oil carried out the holy-exception -- is dipped in a finger, it shakes and flows into the head, and a frame and a lip are traced. It is only this. Although it should become confer ment of a railroad badge as a proof of appointment, there is no reserve now. But, when appointing the proxy of a divine work, what is necessary was just to give the article which the incumbent person puts on. Only one of the two removes the pierced earring which is a railroad shrine maiden's proof received from the shrine, and I hand RUMINASU.
"It is not a regular badge, and it is the article of a shrine although it feels sorry. Attach to the body instead of a badge."
I show the railroad badge attached to its collar. Although it has attached even to the collar or breast of clothes and it was planned similarly to give it, RUMINASU began to remove an own pierced earring.
Being attached to an ear was a little unpleasant.
In my graduate shrine, sharing one pierced earring is considered as the mark which promises the future. Even if it asks the person from other shrines, it is heard that there is the in general same custom.
"? which will be a pierced earring"
It wavers [ that what is necessary will not be just not to explain to the pupil of RUMINASU miraculously looked again how, and].
"yes -- the 。 It is as if you attach like a brooch. Although it is not related to the instruction of a shrine, exchange of a pierced earring is equivalent to an engagement in the my home area ."
First of all, between it has fallen out.  who removed and handed the が pierced earring. 
"It 's right that?"
Although RUMINASU rested the hand slightly, my pierced earring has been attached to an ear, without mattering as it is. Furthermore, the pierced earring of the removed self is presented here.
".... that -- "
"If good, please attach. It was coincidence, and it was peevish and exchange of a pierced earring was what strep and Chloe does also in the shrine of 嶺国. play of mere girls -- although [ like a vow ], it is exciting as it returned somehow at the time of apprenticeship -- "
The last direction was at the tone in which only a few broke. The smile which suppressed   and voice is setting a sign like  somewhere  mischievous adrift.
-- Like a weather cock in the wind. (She change iher attitude into as like cat's eyes.)
RUMISUNASU shows a new face one after another. A poor but honest shrine maiden, a severe soldier, a mischievous bright girl. Which is original RUMINASU? Or the face may still be hidden in others.
Although puzzled slightly, I received the pierced earring of RUMINASU after all. There was also no time which it is hesitating, the time at which it honestly just went into the shrine so that RUMINASU might also say me was remembered, and heart beat. Bad mind was not carried out.
"It is time to activate Helical-Mortris ."
It urged hiding strain of a its real intention.
It stands in front of a Simoun ball, and RUMINASU is faced under the gloomy light of the courtesy light which was lighted with reserve power. The sound of the rustle of clothes rang in the ear.
RUMINASU which met was short in stature than the impression. The grade to which the tip of a hat with height is located in a line with my height at last although the cause [ being large-patterned ] also has me. Since the rowdy person's soldiers were coerced now, it is great.
"I am sorry."
When it had said so and the face was brought close, the pupil of RUMINASU was closed slowly, and the face turned to the top. The heart makes sound on the line of the thin jaw greatly. Only the beat rang in the ear like  when challenging starting of Helical-Mortris for the first time .
-- Calm down myself, because of activating Helical-Mortris .
Yes, he persuades himself and a face is brought near. The skin of RUMINASU was white like a china and color was made transparent on the cheek. Delicate eyelashes are trembling thinly.
Carefully, the lip piled up quietly was felt cold. one finger touches the mutual body -- also coming out -- kiss in the reserve which is not. pressing a lip more strongly -- た -- being and having given a tight hug -- た -- although it was, what is likely to become the act which lost the greeting was fearful. A lip is detached with painful reluctance and a smile is made toward RUMINASU. The smiling face 引きつed out of strain.
Two persons bring near a lip by a Simoun ball then. It is an instant in which the reaction of Helical-Mortris is felt. Emerald which begins to emit cool-shining. Wonderful sound which runs in the head although sound does not necessarily actually sound. The hair of hair soars softly simultaneously with a feeling of floating. And the inner circumference part of Helical-Mortris which begins rotation slowly. It was a starting success.
"Thank you, Ms. RUMINASU"
"It seems that it moved safely."
The success or failure of Helical-Mortris starting get across to a shrine maiden certainly. It did not need to check mutually and the smiling face appeared.
Bowing, I start the supplying power procedure to a coach. By the time a train began to have run, it needed many procedures.
I call out stopping the reserve power of an internal-combustion engine and checking the state of the supplied main power. Although the needle of a wattmeter and the needle of an oil pressure gauge shake a head gently, the rotating meter of an oil pressure pump sways the needle point so that it may bound with Katha Katha. The technology used for a railroad is conservative. Probably, these meters look outdated to the shrine maiden of Plumbum of having taken in the technology of Argentum, very.
"I go to a conductor vehicle after this, and give run directions to a train. It is close to Ri MAJON said by Simoun, and can carry out only from a conductor vehicle. I would like Ms. RUMINASU to stand by with morter car in the meantime."
"It heard. Can I operate it? "
「車掌室から信鈴を鳴らしてそちらの」 とわたしは手で示してみせる。「伝声管で声をかけますので、その時にはシムーン球にお手を乗せていただけますでしょうか」
"-- a conductor room to bell -- sounding -- your place -- " -- I show by hand and show. "Would you put the hand on the Simoun ball then, since it speaks by Speaking tube

「シムーン球に、手を? それだけで良いのですか」
"It is a hand to a Simoun-gem. Is it a thing so much?"
"yes. Although it is may be sufficient by my just having you be in an moter room, it is certain if you touch a hand. Since I will go and come back even to the tail end to serve also as the check of drawing room door closing, I will return immediately. Can thank you for your consideration? "
RUMINASU brings near wrinkles by the glabella slightly.
"Are Argentum soldiers okay Probably, also as for them, the nerve stands."
"The crew has returned the passenger to the coach now. It will be satisfactory since it only goes and comes back to the home in which people are not present."
But the window of a coach is large and the open function for urgent also attaches the doorway. If it becomes the mind, it will appear in a train always.
"It is anxious. Let's follow my comrade."
Although declined, RUMINASU does not show the sign of yielding but gets one of shrine maidens to accompany after all. I will go the home in which people stopped being to a cabin car along with the shrine maiden of Plumbum. Concern of RUMINASU seemed to be only Needless anxiety, although the look of the Argentum soldiers who look at us from the window of special-seat car was cold and even hate was felt. There are also no signs that those who hold a gun at ready are also likely to burst forth.
"Please your name --"
The procedure which should be managed from a cabin car is finished and a home is returned to an engine -- the shrine maiden of Plumbum opened a mouth on the way.
"Yes ?"
"He should not use the name like Ms.RUMINASU as a mouth in front of other persons."
"-- obtaining -- ?"
"It is called a truth name. There is no custom in which the shrine maiden of Plumbum, we, calls each other under her real name. It will be very well, if it is called the Japanese syllabary and is usually called what .... Yes, it calls each other by a nickname."
"Was I then doing the very impolite thing possibly?"
No [ "]. It is very important to say that it gives against a true name. If it was deposited so that it might call so, you should call and carry out by a true name. However, it is what the public notice is avoided for. At a place with the public notice, please call it "Mina" and give. The shrine maiden of it --" and Plumbum sends a look to close to his ears [ of me ] with a gray pupil. "It can say and is not anything. It said having stuck out too far."
The meaning of her look was understood immediately.
"Is only a peach made exchange of that .... and a pierced earring, and is there any important meaning? The thing which I had attached as a railroad worker's proof was given. It keeps this instead."
I show the pierced earring attached to the left ear.
The shrine maiden of Plumbum swayed a pupil and the hair of the gray of the same color.
"Well. As it is in our Hazama, it has a meaning. A contract, a promise. It is various. -- If honesty is said, I will regard some as envious. Since I came out of the shrine, I am allowed to construct a PAL with Mr. Mina, but my pierced earring could not be received after all."
The shrine maiden of Plumbum dropped the sigh small.
It said that there was nothing. Please allow. Mr. Mina worries about your thing and I think it clear that it is a coming. Like the point, when the shrine maiden and engine of Simulacrum were moved, by the face which has not been seen, it was glad and you came. It is " so that how or a feeling may be considered and given, although it is also a strange thing that I say.
"RU .... I regard Mr. Mina as important."
The behavior of the shrine maiden who bows her head in assent silently was painful.

When it returned to the engine, RUMINASU sat on the sheet by the window shallowly, and was opening the small book.
"It returned now. I appreciate cooperation. Between also becomes departure of なく."
"welcome back. Does it begin to move immediately? "
"yes. As soon as roll call of the crew is completed"
Helical-Mortris is made to shift to an operation state from a standby state through a Simoun ball. A feeling of floating with the faint floor of an engine was induced. There is no wheel in the engine which runs by Helical-Mortris. It has always floated at the time of a run. The engine must have surfaced slightly from the track by having shifted to the operation state from the standby state now. The power in which you make it come floating serves as a feeling of floating, and it appeals to a shrine maiden's feeling. It is "a prayer" like SHIMUN to run an engine and operation of an engine is "narration" to Helical-Mortris. It was said that this feeling that is not produced showed the deity of Helical-Mortris from other machines.
Neither most of pipes tightly spread around in the engine nor valves are for running a train in fact. They are the auxiliary machines only for checking an organization's condition numerically and supplying electric power and oil pressure to a coach. Important one was only a Simoun geml and a power handle.
I sound bell to each vehicles. The closing report of a bus door has returned from three flight attendants one after another through speaking tube
. The display of a driver's seat also shows "all close."

They are checked and bell is sounded twice further.
"Orbital check. Start advance"
A departure procedure is advanced pointing by vocal sound peculiar to a railroad worker. The steam whistle of merit and short 2 kinds is sounded, and a power handle is set as one notch of the maximum weakness. and an engine started before by opening a braking lever slowly from there, and play between each vehicles was absorbed. It raises one notch of outputs at a time, and the maximum output is supplied at a stretch from a 5 notch eye.
Helical-Mortris is the power organization with which an output rises so rapidly that you may call it an instant. It will become the cause of failure if a large output is thrown at connection parts in an instant. However, 18 vehicles which this engine is pulling do not begin to run only by having raised the output gradually easily. Anyway, you have to lead one hundreds times the weight of this under the about [ twice ] power of Simoun.
The train started from the home slowly. Helical-Mortris which works with the maximum output emits a resonance sound lower several more steps than the thing of Simoun. This drive sound by which it has been sprung from the bottom of the ground is the real thrill of a Simulacrum engine. It will gossip, if even Simoun-Sibyllae is fascinated with Helical-Mortris of this large output. It is the instant of a railroad shrine maiden's Bliss

"Would you teach, if Ms. RUMINASU and the tail end escape from the home of a station?"
Although you could look back upon back for myself, it is also an original conductor's work. RUMINASU rides on a sheet toward a window like a child, and looks at back. The blue tattoo described at the whiteness and the wrist of the hand pressed down so that a hat may not review to a wind was impressive.
"Ah-- such -- soon .... it is passage -- "
It unites with the timing of voice and is two about a steam whistle. Two merits.
It is "the present steam whistle is ?."
"Although it is originally the greeting of separation by the opposite train which remains in a home, even if a train is not, what is sounded in this way is a custom."
"It is interesting."
"Does it do?"
If I ask, RUMINASU will brighten an eye and will float the waist.
"Is it all right?"
"yes. A steam whistle is not cared about although operation cannot be replaced. Since it comes out of a station and passes through a crossing in some places, I need your help then."
Although there is almost no passenger, it is because there is a house though it is slight that the stop station is prepared. A pasture is in woods and milk fresh every day is loaded into an up-train. and -- if there are people, naturally there is also a road -- a track -- also crossing -- it carries out.
"How should it sound?"
"He is this string to the bottom of resolution. They are three merits. Please sound, if the sign of a trumpet is visible to the track side. It is a crossing approach alarm whistle. And if a crossing is viewed, a crossing passage alarm whistle is sounded again.
-- Here. A sign is legible if it sits on the left of me."
Steam whistle 吹鳴 was the work which the visitor of an engine can also bear. those to whom the identity clarified -- mostly -- the child of は貴族 -- inspection of an engine is also allowed and -- sounds the steam whistle in this way.
"It is like [ rather than it calls it this chair and a chair ] a fence. Don't the hips become painful? "
"yes. This is only the chair on which it leans lightly rather than sits. There is also no fear of dozing, since there is also no back reclining. probably, 座面 will also be high -- ?"
I take the right hand of RUMINASU and make overhead 汽笛索 grasp. The hand was felt cold to the waist of RUMINASU which touched next telling warmth.
"A sign should appear soon. It is on the left-hand side of a track."
"Ah. it is not that -- ?"
"that's right. Please see well. Is it the sign of a trumpet? "
"Yes, it meets. That's right"
Whistle rope is pulled applying both me and partner  3, 2, 1, and voice. The second time is light, from from [ after the first steam whistle wraps in her hand ], the third times, because it merely attaches, it するs as usual, and long 鳴 is repeated 3 times.
"It is great. The travel story increased to the younger sisters of a homeland. Thank you"
I laugh still.
"That present is an approach alarm whistle. I think that a crossing can already be seen soon. It is the sign which two thin horizontal lines cross to a thick vertical line."
The notch of the power handle was united with zero and speed had already fallen considerably. The greater part of this route is an unmanned crossing. There is no crossing gate, and a train will go slow and will pass through a crossing.
"I need your help by myself shortly. It is serious work."
When caught looking sideways at RUMINASU which became an earnest face, the cheek loosened automatically. The alarm whistle of 3 times is sounded with the countenance which became it tense when spoken as please. Although it was three slightly shorter merits, the role was fully played. A train passes through a crossing by the maximum going slowly.
After checking that the cabin car at the tail end crosses a crossing, I turn round toward RUMINASU.
"Cruising with the point tedious for a while continues from here. Since there is also no work which must be helped for the time being, you may return to a comrade's place."
As a matter of fact, when starting Helical-Mortris, after that, one person was also able to manage, but it was hard to separate with a shrine maiden with the pupil of this graish-blue, and business was made. But, this point serves as the section to the extent that eyes are intently elaborated on a course. It was not able to keep back.
"Am not that I overwhelmed by the reason for being allowed to see work here?"
"It does not matter. I am also being unable to separate from a driver's seat, either, facing each other in this way, and talking. -- 本当 is although it is also now. -- It becomes impossible. Although it is the inside of a job, he feels diffident about touching Simoun Sibylla in such an attitude."
Ms.RUMINASU shows a smiling face as no.
「今のわたくしは臨時とは言え車掌を拝命しているのでしょう? 役には立たなくともお側に置いていただければと存じます。――お邪魔かしら?」
"Probably, present I am Appointing the conductor, although it is emergency? I think if you put on a side even if not helpful. -- It is obstructive ?."
"It has not flown, either. In ...., let's make it have the work as a conductor continued. - if it comes out of a station even if it says, there is seldom a conductor's work. It is saying that a driver does not doze and becoming a partner and resting. It becomes important work that I also have a visitor's appearance seen occasionally. Although it may leave the direction of 特 etc. to the male crew, many people with the second poor grade have ridden. There are not few visitors who worsen condition. Please distribute and give mind if you please."
"I understand. It is important work."
"yes. the traffic of f an engine and a coach is also free -- pleasing . However, in the case of receipts and payments, it is certainly locking "
I hand the bunch of keys for conductors to RUMINASU.
"It is the overcoat here when you come to a coach as a conductor. If Godess like RUMINASU also allows a hat, please use a conductor's thing."
When heralded so much, I bowed and returned to the driver's seat. With the going-slowly state, it is separated from the driver's seat, so that it already passes enough.
Seemingly railroad worker dress was felt new, a breast is assigned or RUMINASU confirms sleeve length. A black overcoat is a railroad worker's proof and three gold streaks included in a sleeve show a shrine maiden. It is not protection-against-the-cold arrival but a kind of full dress. Seemingly, there are some girls who he wants to wear these clothes and aim at a railroad shrine maiden.
-- He is a girl too.
He is the girl of teens also although it is called the shrine maiden of plumbum which makes honorable poverty a purport. The heart will also be prosperous if it is made a front [ clothes / novel ].
"Mr. RUMINASU who is well-matched well. It is valiant."
"Isn't it amusing?"
"No, also few"
It was only regrettable that it can perform to watch at a glance by the side glance. Remembering one and a question, I asked.
"He will be Ms. RUMINASU if it says so. Doesn't reproof occur about having shot the Argentum soldier? If the shrine maiden is blamed because of my fault, explanation does not stand."
such -- と -- RUMINASU bows its head in assent. Government official who has ridden with emergency Simile-Simoun by which the human being of a public office seemingly came, without arrangements of a policeman sticking hears a situation from RUMINASU, and had made one note receive.
"Thank you for being worried. However, it is satisfactory. Since the authority is kept to the shrine maiden of Plumbum"
"Authority ?"
"They are the Allied Forces' army police powers."
RUMINASU is said so much and has shut its mouth. It may be being seldom contents speaking as a shrine maiden. Even if the right which judges a soldier is granted, it is not glad if it is me. Because strange subject had been shaken, I felt that unpleasant silence got down.

"Ms. RUMINASU was Sibylla ago?
I address catching lunch. In some cases, I wanted to ask once Simoun-Sibylla of Argentum.
"Simoun of plumbum is the body which is loading with deep purple Helical-Mortris back. It has seen flying near the shrine. Had it ridden on that?"
RUMINASU cast down its look.
"yes. It was in western airspace with soldier of Argentum."
"Say. Since the talk of war is mutually hot .... It is Simoun. Did Mr. RUMINASU say that it was Simoun, and did you offer the prayer to empty, and could feel that it was the winged machine of Godess? "
"The winged machine of Godess .... That's right. To be sure, that was the winged machine of Godess ..."
RUMINASU presses down a breast. Probably, the cross is put on under dress.
"Could existence of God be felt? It is enviable...."
「羨ましい、ですか? あなたも巫女ではありませんか」
"Is it enviable? Are also you a shrine maiden?"
I shake the head calmly.
No [ "]. A shrine maiden also has a rank. I was not able to remain in selection of Sibyllae. The capability which exchanges dialogs with Godess is missing."
RUMINASU shows a complicated expression.
"It .... Didn't I hear that Sibyllawas only severe competition? Although I also got the duties of Sibyllae out of many shrine maidens, it was not necessarily chosen by the capability it is said that is Simoun. It is since there was no Simoun in our country those days."
The behavior of again denial that it is not such a thing was shown.
"It has ridden on Simoun once by the aptitude examination of Sibylla. It was experience to the extent that I have you put on skillful AURIGA. although I have very easy Ri MAJON drawn -- many trainees -- winged machine of Godess -- a machine -- although it was glad to realize things, as for me, a piece was not able to feel existence of God, either -- "
"-- give up the way to ...., then Simoun-Sibylla -- they are -- "
"Yes ...."
The shrine maiden of Plumbum is wearing the difficult face. Possibly the shrine maiden of head family slack Simulacrumof Simiun-Sibylla was considered to be with the thing which must not be been -- deity cannot be felt for the winged machine of Godess. But, Ms.RUMINASU used the unexpected thing as the mouth.
"You are the more serious one."
" Serious -- is it ....? It may be said that it is not rigid."
It is that it is stubborn.
"I hear that it is earnest to faith. Is it said in Simulacrum language that it is pious?"
"Pious -- Very much. I do not necessarily believe in my God, forgetting a prayer and carrying out in shamely."
"-- however -- if he wants to believe and deity of God is searched for the footprint -- ?"
It is ".... is."
"If it is referred to as pious, I will consider."
I twist a head.
"-- having set in fighting that I realized breath of Godess to Simoun for the first time -- it is . Li Maher John of destruction and slaughter was drawn, and when many Simulacrum soldiers were buried with Arcs-Niger, it felt. It is that this is the power which only Godess was allowed."
I lean an ear calmly.
"It was fearful power. Godess was felt for the size of the power and Godess divine nature was felt for Simoun which calls the miracle of Godess by drawing RI MAJON. It said that it was Simoun and Godess divine nature  was not felt for offering a prayer to empty itself. If destruction is not experienced, I consider so, adding that I was not able to feel Godess, either."
RUMINASU wraps my hand in a white finger. The hand of the right put on the Simoun ball.
"The shrine maiden of Simulacrum is highly respected  in the Plumbum. Simoun is inherited and Sibyllae are handed down. The language of lost Godess asks Simulacrum that it is left behind mostly. do you know  the original text of ANIMUSU faith is described with the archaic word of Simulacrum language? "
"The sacred book of plumbum ...."

"A yuan was one instruction. Please do not speak a sad thing that the shrine maiden of Simulacrum who brings respect of the shrine maidens of Plumbum together in herself has a low rank etc. If it is a railroad shrine maiden in case of Simoun-Sibyllae, don't forget that the shrine maiden of Simulacrum, you, is an object of my worshiping."
The piled-up palm is grasped tightly strongly.
"It appeared in war and the deity of Simoun was touched with slaughter in piles. However, it is a miracle which originally must not exist. It does not assumed it is pleasant.
pushing on as it can waver, and being dyed a crime, but I regard just you who continue asking your Godess for faith with a question as suitable to a believer."

Ms. RUMINASU smiles continue.
"You who manipulate Helical-Morter are also an ardent exponent of Grace of Godess. Please have confidence. As you do not notice the weight of the miracle by which self is shown"
The field of view which gazes at RUMINASU is distorted suddenly. Hot feeling stimulated the back of  a nose. Cotton is carried out and it skins, and it is,  and eyes are wiped, and it glares at the orbital front.
-- Settle down me...---
When running the look, Helical-Mortris was increasing the output slightly. Seemingly feeling was disturbed like an apprenticeship shrine maiden and work of a Simoun ball has been disturbed.
"It is heard that a Simoun ball projects the heart. Is that it is thought that the speed of an engine is increasing now such a thing as my words reached you?"
I explore her hand, become silent. The palm piled up to previously is grasped so that a finger may be constructed now. The Simoun gem which increased brightness would project which feeling sure enough.
A railroad is connected with this country by girls' heart.
Cirrus was hanging over the blue sky thinly.


It keeps running only by slight break during three days, and is on the morning of the fourth. When the nap of 1 hour was obtained and it woke up in waiting of an opposite train, the problem had occurred.
"Pile Heavy ream morter car  does not come by failure ?"
The shrine maiden who came the tablet for delivery bows her head in assent with an astringent expression.
"yes. The facilities here have left some cargo beyond a peak."
The mountains zone of this point that cut down the border with Plumbum goes up to the top at a stretch to a tree line. The slope of a track is sudden, and if it does not add an engine, it reaches and it does not go out. Properly speaking, now, the train which has stopped at the opposite home must have taken the Heavy ream morter car engine, and must have got down from the peak. It is said that it has placed by failure of an engine.
"But there is also no classification yard in the peak side here. Even if he wants to reduce organization, there is also no place which separates vehicles."
"It is although it is what that meets. Since it has come by directions of a central directive room for the time being ...."
I do While chewing teeth well and face to a telegraphic communication box. The solution of fatigue of the center which a supplement of a regular shrine maiden does not have in having reached the limit, either, and does not consider front and rear was already provoking. In Argentum, probably, grand boos were showered over the central directive room, when there was voice telegraphic communication it is heard that has spread. But, here is only the coding telegraphic communication which sends the signal of merits and demerits like a steam whistle.
The reaction of the central directive room was happy-go-lucky.
It is the nominal value range of "engine output. go on then -- "
And others and giddiness run to the head of lack of sleep. Whether his understanding the directive room having put the life exceeding Kazuto and the intestines boiled, and wound and returned. Just because it fills the weight of a train with nominal calculative traction ability, traction is not necessarily possible. Cargo is always heavier than a schedule and the performance of an engine does not have the guarantee currently maintained at the best, either. Actually, a Heavy ream  formation. breaks down and an output, not to mention a nominal value, is zero. It must also have been the Heavy ream organization which serves as the meaning with which failure of the main engine in the slope section is equipped.
If it returns to the engine which would wear the clearly ill-humored face, RUMINASU which was protecting absence will have spoken anxious.
"? done what"
"It ...."
It explains that the aid for the slope sections is no longer obtained.
「でも、待っていてもその重連機関車は来ないのでしょう? 荷物を置いて行くこともできないのでは、試してみるしかないのでは?」
"But, the Heavy ream locomotive engine will not come, even if it is waiting? It is ?", if a load cannot be placed, it cannot go, either and it cannot but try.
"that's right. A load is anyhow begun from making it light."
Troublesome Argentum soldiers got down at the stop station of 2 this side. It went to the homeland by the sea mail which operates along a big river. It was an only comfort that the possibility of the human trouble decreased.
"Water is thrown away. Since filth will also want to abandon and go here if it can do, but next settlement becomes a serious thing, let's stop. Please also throw away the water which you, passengers, have. Even when I have you carry out also to the restroom of a station and it is small, I have you become light."
There is no calm margin. He just made up for delay at last over four days. A diagram was not able to be confused more.
I assemble flight attendants and tell a measure.
"Please put abandonment of a heavy load into practice. the personnel's unnecessary luggage is deposited in a station building -- as . Replacement parts should also leave minimum and should leave it to a station. Please open a lounge car wide to a second-class passenger. Please point with an uphill slope to sit toward a direction of movement as much as possible."
It is because it is load distribution of braking equipment when an engine stops to make the whole train distribute a passenger. Specification of a seat is a measure against a collision when being unable to brake and running recklessly. I did not think that he would try, although it was the measure with which all are specified as the operation procedure for emergencies.
If there are some ideas in " etc., it will propose unreservedly. If it happens to think, it is good anything. Please only consider carrying safely you, passengers, to the destination."
They were only the persons of seniority [ males / of a flight attendant ] naturally. But, I keep responsibility. If that it should also be alike causes an accident, you have to pay a countervalue by your life. The railroad shrine maiden of Simulacrum will be the custom for which it compensates with death, if one person also spoils a passenger's life.
「……ありませんか? では、作業に取り掛かってください」
".... isn't it? Please begin work."
With a signal, the crews break up and go.
"Ms. RUMINASU also has a wish."
"It hears."
"Was double starting sometimes tried on Simoun?"
"Double starting ?"
"Yes. If a motive procedure is further repeated to Helical-Mortris in the state where it has already started, a bigger output than usual may be able to be called. It is a talk in Simoun. However, it is heard that it cannot be accomplished if this is not a true PAL."
I can hear only the rumor of Simoun-Sibyllae, but the PAL who successed the Emerald Ri-maajion can "double starting".

It seemed that RUMINASU reacted to a word called  The bosom is pressed down and it murmurs small.

"Aa...el ...."


Ms.RUMINASU shakes a head as it is not anything.

"Double starting was heard for the first time. they of Sibylla in the tradition which gets across to the shrine of us are carried out, it comes, and has the memory it was heard that accomplished things. If very well, please let me surely help by me."

Although wavered slightly, I confess honestly.

"Probably, such a thing did not feel inclined thank you for your consideration, when a partner was not you. Although it is me who was not able to pray to empty, if it becomes Ms. RUMINASU and you, I will feel that any prayers are likely to be offered."

Ms. RUMINASU returned the smile to my words.

"I think that it is honorable. Probably, it was wonderful however, when the prayer could be offered by Simoun with you...."

I thought that it was right. Sacred has not been taken in to Simoun but, probably,  also aimed at empty, if the PAL when dancing Simoun sky for the first time was this man. He thought so and has noticed. It is that it was not the faith which I lacked. Possibly it was asking for the PAL believed.

I merely bow my head in assent, and stand up.

"The body is purified."

An engine room - although - it is a small altar. This place also turns into a chip box of the divine work in an engine, or a place of purification ceremony.

Curtain is pulled in the window, a candle is burned in it, and lighting is dropped to it. When one drop of perfumed hair oil was hung down to the water filled in the small bucket, the scent of delicate lavender spread. Scattering every several drops of that water in the four corners of the engine room, this room with Helical-Mortris became a place of purification ceremony.

Ms. RUMINASU which was in a side in the place which was about to remove clothes offers.

"I help."

".... thank you for your consideration"

Tiredness was wiped in the intervals of operation business until now, and in order to maintain cleanliness, even if it performed how often or 清拭, it was. But, this purification ceremony differs in a meaning completely. It is a divine work. It is not necessary to hide skin like the former.

The air of this area nearby Plumbum is also already cold. In addition, HERIKARUMOTORISU does not follow generation of heat on the operation. Even if the inside of the engine room was related in the overcoat, it was like [ which feels cold ], but it is convenient for purification ceremony.

RUMINASU helps changing by behavior polite one sheet at a time. Subsequently, from hair to a tiptoe, the whole body is wiped carefully and it goes. It is because that the shrine maiden of a shrine is setting the scent of a flower adrift wipes the body with the water which hung down perfumed hair oil.

it boiled intently that the body was wiped by RUMINASU and it was comfortable. Shame is not felt. Although it is a railroad shrine maiden, I am also a shrine maiden who serves a shrine. Purification ceremony was an everyday divine work.

Finally Helical-Mortris was filled with the water of the bucket from which the towel was washed, and my purification ceremony was ended. It is clothed in new underwear on the body, and a fashion is finished, borrowing the hand of RUMINASU.

"Please also give me my purification ceremony."

"Yes. I'm willing to you,please ".

What was kept a hat, the Osamichi hood, a coat, and one by one is folded up. From under dress, the naked body which appeared was short in stature than imagination, and thin. It is hard to believe having used the glare for Argentum soldiers with this body.

It was regretted that red hair who burns is making it shortcut. the skin -- a ball -- like -- smooth -- the light of a candle -- winning popularity -- 仄 -- it shines white. The big scar  remained to several places of the fine smooth pure skin .

It is heard that the conditions of a country of Plumbum are severe, and unsafe in a poor area. If the crack of RUMINASU will also be what projected such environment, the hand which wipes the body of RUMINASU will be further loaded with respect. Sympathizing with the trace of sufferings is impolite. The soul which overcomes distress, does not lose nobleness in addition and does not lose tenderness deserves respect.

But it might touch and be surprised at foreign culture. The tattoo which is a Plumbum shrine maiden's proof was minced by 踝 and the whole body on a frame, not only a jaw but the nape, a shoulder blade, the waist, the bosom, the abdomen part, and the knee. I see a blue line appearing also on a small size breast, and think that it seems to be painful.

RUMINASU which finished purification ceremony and put on dress has asked with the smiling face appropriate for a mischief.

"Was he surprised?"

"Yes" and I bowed our head in assent obediently. "He hears that a tattoo is accompanied by a considerable pain. In Plumbum, I am likely to escape, before becoming a shrine maiden."

RUMINASU announces girlish laughter.

"I considered whether it will escape the previous day when I also receive a shrine maiden's mark, and seriously."

"-- it is painful -- ?"

Thinking slightly, RUMINASU smiledl.

"It is secret. A mystery is required also for the shrine maiden of Plumbum."

When the door with a coach was opened smiling wryly, flight attendants finished work and had met together. Seemingly, preparation was completed in general. The rest says [ only waiting and ] that people who have done their business in the station building return.

"The maximum help was able to be obtained also from the shrine maiden of Plumbum. If it checks that there is no visitor left behind by the station, it will go into a departure procedure immediately. You, the crews, ask you for standby near the urgent brake mechanism of each vehicles in preparation for an insufficient situation. When the worst, the possibility of a reckless run of Helical-mortris is also considered. Since the connection of an engine with a coach is immediately canceled when it lapses into loss of control, please give me safe reservation of a subsequent passenger."

"Ms....shrine maiden ?"

"The full of output are pressed out. If emergency is not assumed"

"Does he do something  the dangerous?"

"Double starting of Helical-Mortris is tried. Although the output must also usually have been able to passed through the slope section in calculation by a central directive room, it was judged in my experience that the Tosaka capability was insufficient near the maximum slope. Double starting is performed when it became impossible to maintain speed."

"The shrine maiden of the Plumbum is unfamiliar on a railroad. Too, should not it wait for a substitute Heavy ream morter car?"

"The directive room was declared [ not planning to send an engine to this train, and ]. Even if it waits only for anything, a Heavy ream morter car does not come."

"Such a..."

"The shrine maiden of Plumbum is Simoun-Sibylla in it. It is said that I borrow the hand of shrine maiden slack Simoun-Sibylla of true maiden of  all shrine maiden, and there is shortage of what.

 ……他に質問は? 無ければ直ちに配置に。お客様には不安を与えないよう配慮してください」
.... Otherwise, it is a question? If there is nothing, it is arrangement immediately. Please consider a visitor not to give uneasiness."

The three crews hung down the head calmly together.

A slope sign appears in the place which left the station at the foot of a peak and counted eight large distance marks. Three per mille. This is only mere approach. The train was being encouraged by the flat ground and was maintaining the speed limit. A power handle is about 50%. It is still generous.

"Mr. RUMINASU and here"

Contrary to the time of asking for 吹鳴 of a steam whistle, I invited her to right-hand. It is because the SHIMUN ball is set on the right-hand side of a driver's seat.

"Best operation is needed in the slope section of 20 per mille, and it becomes impossible to maintain speed by 25 per mille in my anticipation."

It is "per mille is ?."

"It is a unit of the slope attached to the distance mark. It is 3 per mille now. When it moves 1000 times horizontally, it means reaching three."

When it explained so and having been shown by 笑ん, the smile came on the contrary also from RUMINASU.

It is "the tightest place is ?."

"It is 32 per mille. Although it is not a great slope, on a railroad, it is severe.   it must run a remarkable distance before and behind 30 per mille "

"It is such forcible Helical-mortris."

Ms.RUMINASU touches the perimeter part of Helical-Mortris which is sounding the low-frequency vibration.

"The railroad of Simulacrum is proud of the traction of empty continent No. 1. It is the length of the organization which this train is also a foreign country and does not obtain it. It is since the greatest engine is towing as a load cargor & passenger morter car."

Some engines only for cargo stacked still bigger Helical-Mortris. In the greatest thing, it is a last-minute size which can let a tunnel pass. However, the existence of the engine itself is suspicious. It gossips having been built in order to tow a huge train gun according to a report. If the place which disappeared promptly is seen after the end of the war, the duties may be now taken on in Argentum.

"-- Anyway -- Ms. RUMINASU -- a seat [ like ] becomes there It is I am sorry", without the ability preparing a chair.

"-- I am good one if it is waiting for voice to start -- ?"

It is and " is ".

A slope sign changes to 10 per mille and 15 per mille immediately. The power handle was going back and forth between full open from 80 percent. A power handle serves as as [ of full open ] in the hit which passed over 20 per mille soon, and it is impossible but, to maintain speed by 22 per mille. Helicopter KARUMOTORISU is not necessarily driving the wheel with the gear. An engine floats in the air and a direct train is led by the power committed to space. Unlike the organization of a foreign country which drives through a gearbox, driving force was not able to be increased even if it reduced speed. If a slowdown starts in spite of supplying total power, speed will be reduced as it is and a stop and retreat will be begun.

A slope changes 20 per-mille order for a while after this. If the steep slope section starts, double starting of helical-Mortris will not be avoided.

A right hand is already on a Simoun gem. If short of concentration, it will become impossible to usually maintain even an output.

"Ms.RUMINASU appearance," be soon given to me

When right  and voice were applied, RUMINASU came the hand in piles quietly. When an engine is started at an uninhabited station, for the cold hand, it is now warm.

Just as it realized the warmth, Helical-MortrisI applied forcibleness to low-pitched sound.

--I thought " It is cashy."

I smile wryly in a my real intention. Helical-Mortris raises the output only by having been touched by RUMINASU. Seemingly, a huge disk will serve as a mirror which projects a motion of the heart which him does not notice by himself.

"It seems that my heart has needed the shrine maiden of Plumbum."

She was surprised at herself. [ who utters such a thing ] it fell and came out before purification ceremony -- "-- if it becomes you -- what kind of prayer -- " -- と -- it will be a blush thing if the language to say is also recalled.

There was no answer from RUMINASU. A hand is regrasped as an arm is entwined instead. Warmth is transmitted also from the shoulder which comes into contact with.

The slope sign of 25 per mille has been grasped in the large distance mark. The maximum slope section starts.

"- Ms. RUMINASU -- thank you for your consideration -- "

Calling out so, I turn round toward RUMINASU. It was going to bow to her who looks up here, and was going to bring near the face.

"It waits."

I stop a motion in response to control of the shrine maiden of Plumbum.

It is "it is ? to have carried out love."

".... it is not -- "

"It is ? ion which a Simoun-ball projects the heart and which Helical-Mortris asks for connection of a PAL."


"Our trial -- the thing that supposing like should just merely move -- it is not -- a real PAL -- it will be what a PAL in which ultimate Ri Majion is made successful constitutes -- ?"

I bow my head in assent silently. I felt that it had turned out with being hazy what RUMINASU tends to say.

It separates from a driver's seat completely and its hold is released completely also from a power handle also from a SHIMUN ball. Asking for her is required. Breathing greatly, I open a mouth.

"I want you."

It whispers so, and she is embraced and brought near into an arm. A breast is united exactly and the arm which turned to the back is loaded with power. There was the scent of lavender, when the face was buried to red hair like the setting sun. It whispers quietly, looking into the pupil approaching distance to the extent that it does not touch.

the shrine maiden of "foreign country -- love has been carried out like Would you become my thing at least until this train arrives at a terminal point at least?"

RUMINASU loads with hugg and power the arm which turned to my waist. The mutual waist stuck.

"It is the driver of an embarrassment store at pensive(奥手). It is having understood loving from from, when a look's was united for the first time. a pierced earring is an oath of a girl and is a curse -- a thing . It is said that your heart can hold in this hand. You do not notice a thing at all at it. you -- a PAL -- と -- I wish from the bottom of my heart -- "

My half the body and RUMINASU murmur, and if it thinks whether the lip was lightly picked like a little bird, I will be looked up at by the expression of a chuckle. .

It is good ?" even if it gives "kiss.

Now --  -- I ask RUMINASU like. It kisses so that her smiling face which a flower opens may be confirmed, it may cover and it may hang. It is once lightly. And the somewhat long second time. The warm soft lip responded to my kiss. Her hand placed by the waist turns behind a head slowly.

We exchanged long, long kiss.

It is the thought which is hard to leave, however a mission is remembered and a lip is detached. The exchange of rude breathing exchanged to nearness uniting a breast exactly was a continuation of grown-up kiss. The tattoo of the frame which is a shrine maiden's mark is kissed lightly, and RUMINASU is urged to it.

"In a Simoun ball"

poke one hand in a Simoun ball and one hand be involved with the finger of RUMINASU -- a face is brought near by Emerald which emits lights. When Simoun-Ball which turns down an eyelid and projects the heart was made to be touched with a lip, the sound which resembled the glass harmonica in the head was played. When the hand of RUMINASU was explored and it grasped tightly forcibly by the hand put on the Simoun ball, Herical-Mortlis played a wonderful resonance sound suddenly. A rich double sound is added to the thick low-pitched sound from the first which Herical-Mortlis plays, and the tone which melts a soul gaily is made.


When the face was raised with surprise, the look overlapped with RUMINASU. The soft smile had spread to her face.

As for the Simoun ball, the usual state conceived the brightness which does not become a comparison, and as for the train, the sign of acceleration was shown in spite of having strengthened the slope. No. It is not a sign, and the needle of a speedometer is made to dance clearly and it has bounded.

RUMINASU has grasped the hand tightly. I return a nod at once.

It senses that a power handle should not be returned. When the size of the power should have been controlled by the prayer for a Simoun ball, instinct had shouted.

I do not know what was carried out what, either. However, when he had noticed, the engine maintained the speed limit exactly and was reaching the end through railroad to which a slope is changed every moment.

"It was not only SHIMUN."

Their edges of eyelashes were filled with large tears.

"The breath of God is .... also to this railroad."

Pat and sound were made and tears rolled down.

I bring near the head by the breast of RUMINASU which stands in front of a Simoun ball. RUMINASU stirred my hair quietly. The engine shows high speed as if it did not mind it, such as dignity of a coach. We were only merely looking at the track extended to the front through window.

Breath of Godess.

When met as the language of RUMINASU, something without how to carry out deer expression was governing the train. According to the speed limit which got down and was originally set up for the slope, it has been run in narrow load(隘路) of a place between mountains by the train. Although we had put the hand on the Simoun ball, what cannot necessarily be operated concretely. A train continues running to a thing at a fixed speed as if it was providence that it is so completely.

"Beautiful harmony"


Moment and I murmured and RUMINASU repeated "harmony." It was the vocal sound of having fallen to the intestines.

It does not understand [ how much, then ] whether it was. However, harmony was being completed. The breath breathe out froze in the air white in the cold air of Takayama. Empty is so that it may be blue, and it gets dim in gray. There are no clouds. Empty opens --


The plateau beyond a tree line spreads at hand. Escaping from the interval of a mountain on either side, the train arrived at the highest point of a route. Bringing near each other's cheek, we raised the cry, being wrapped up in one overcoat by two persons.

"Ms. shrine maiden"!

What it has jumped into from the door which continues to a coach was a big man's crew and SUPIRIFERIFU. But, seemingly he caught a sight with the intimate shrine maiden of two countries who shares an overcoat with sufficient relations, and lost language.

"Ah Mr. SUPIRIFERIFU. Tired with labor. It arrived up to the peak somehow."

The power wheel of an engine is already returned to a zero position, and is running slowly only from inersha habit. The Simoun ball returned to the usual brightness and had already returned to the sound of the usually of Helical-Mortris.

"That Ms.shrine maiden  ?"

"It enters for from now on getting down. We announce a visitor so that it may sit on the seat by the side of the train front. Please also give me transfer to other crews. Prepare for a shock. Up to the next station, he walks on a visitor and he is not rotated."

"Y, yeah...."

The big man started confusedly that it was running towards rear vehicles.

"Fuh aha. He's surprised -- "

RUMINASU appropriate for a mischief  in my next.

"If the shrine maiden of grave 嶺国 shows such an lovely figure"

「そう? むしろ、彼はあなたに衝撃を受けていたような気がするけれど」
"So. Rather, he is although I feel that it was shocked by you."

"Yes ?"

Anything, RUMINASU brings near a lip by the cheek as there is nothing.

"A plain part will get down and it will be a slope. It is already a breath. My darling half the body"

"yes. It does not escape from mind. Although it is short, し [ there is also a steep slope tighter than previously ]"

"It is good if it does not arrive all the time."


"I'm sorry. tiny(詮無い) things were said. If it does not return to the shrine maiden of plumbum. -- Whether going down is required for double movement, and"

If it is answered as no, she will laugh lonesomely.

"The duty as a conductor is achieved. It went up to the height and temperature also fell. It is cold tight in the direction of Simulacrum. I will patrol a coach. Doesn't use of spirits of wine care about the restorative?"

"Medical-supplies of a conductor vehicle is equipped with distillation alcohol. -- RUMINASU"

Out of the difficulty of separating, I call toed him to stop. But, she who turned round in front of the door which continues to a coach was not the sweetheart who already impressed warmth next to previously. Although a railroad worker's overcoat and regulation cap were worn, he was wearing the face as a shrine maiden of Plumbum. her who turned round -- me -- it compromised with whether you are Nikkatsu, and short kiss was left and left. It followed to the coach and last she did not intimate an intention to turn round shortly, either.

Takahara station which gets down, gets down from a slope and is located in the foot of a peak -- Brake mechanism is being printed when it arrives at a destination station. Braking by the power of an engine is inadequate and brake mechanism has been overworked. the home which is related, made the metaled 灼ける smell attached and came down is blown on a cold wind -- poor people -- being uneasy -- it is looking around the circumference with expression. There was a group of the shrine maiden who returns to north further and goes among the people.

I call out toward one of them.

".... Ms. Mina"


You, "Plumbum shrine maidens, can be accompanied and it needs really -- it was. The person of Simulacrum can also come into contact with you, and, probably, thinks that it was good."

RUMINASU which returned from the round of a guest room had returned to the shrine maiden of the foreign land at the time at which it just met completely. The shrine maiden of modest polite Plumbum who floated the smile with affection. Hiroyoshi who gives unstinted help to poor people --

"Mr. Mina. You save the danger of a conductor absence and I am carrying out railroad all-concerned gratitude. I thank you here respectfully. If there is no aid of the shrine maiden, in a capital, it will be confusion having arisen and having caused big confusion. Moreover, it became precious experience unforgettable also for me on several [ to which the moter car was moved with the shrine maiden / these ]. I hope that you become experience which he does not forget as food of faith throughout life."

Heralding so, I folded the knee. Its arm is folded in front of a breast, and the posture of pray is taken.

"-- supposing it is very well, have blessing given for this poor railroad shrine maiden -- it does not become precocious -- "

The head is hung down and it waits for an answer. RUMINASU stood before Sakka in four shrine maidens. It will turn out that it meets only by already hearing a footstep.

"-- darling Simulacrum -- an equal . Blessing is given in the name of ANIMUSU."

The fingertip of RUMINASU placed by the frame is dear.

"You acquired the divine protection of ANIMUSU God."

The face of RUMINASU told so is brought near by close to his ears.

Don't forget "pierced earring. My darling half the body"

Secret kiss was left behind to the earlobe simultaneously with whisper voice. I hang down the head still more deeply. The courage which goes away and sees off RUMINASU which goes was not able to be held. After people's sign ceases at a home, when a face is raised at last, there is already no figure of the shrine maidens of plumbum.

-- It is good now.

I got recollections. I was allowed to carry out experience difficult to get as a shrine maiden. It was for five happy days. The pierced earring of RUMINASU is in my left ear, and my pierced earring should also have stopped at her left ear. It never meets any longer. As for the term of office as my railroad shrine maiden, two more years are だ at most. After that .... Do you become a Shinto priest who goes to a spring and serves a shrine, or return to a railroad as the crew? Probably, RUMINASU does not turn out to be me any longer, even if it becomes a man and becomes a woman. Since I who was related in the railroad shrine maiden's uniform must be in her memory.

The body which got tired out is dragged and it falls into the way of personnel lodgings. After using hot water after a long time, it fell on the bed.

The overcoat gave up had spread on the bed. RUMINASU was the overcoat which was letting the sleeve pass. When the face was forced, there was the smell of the scent which a Plumbum shrine maiden burns and closes on dress. Also the scent of the skin of RUMINASU.

It cried as a tight hug was given to the evening and an overcoat and it was moved to tears. When it was tired of crying and slept, RUMINASU appeared into the dream.

" Does not cry -- my half the body"

She was laughing so. However, touching her who must be by smiling at hand was never completed.

My role of a partner wore faces which have been forgotten, such as spareribs which broke, and has returned. It seemed that domestic was escaping from confusion little by little although [ which the Argentum soldier started only problems as usual, and Simulacrum loses Helical-Mortris one after another, and was falling steadily to the real poor country ].

When calling it me, it was every day which 相 does not change, either but runs an engine. Although it was also sad for there to have been many hardships to have seen the Miya JNR way which follows a weak way, the place where I am being touched by HERIKARUMOTORISU was only here. the breath of Jin who felt with RUMINASU -- Herical-Mortris -- even moving -- if it carries out -- faint -- but --.

The Plumbum-Simulacrum vertical section railroad which carries out each-other on between Plumbum and Simulacrum will be opened for traffic. RUMINASU and that route that ran were further extended to north, and was connected to the network of railroads of Plumbum across the border.

I ran for the driver of this Plumbum-Simulacrum  vertical section railroad. Since it having been few to the shrine maiden who has mastered Plumbum language, and Plumbum-rail  by which the badness of the peace is spoken about were disliked by shrine maidens, my Plumbum-Simulacrum  vertical section railroad service was realized frankly.

-- I will look for RUMINASU for an anchorage on a foothold.

Although it did not understand whether to have been being able to achieve reunion with her by such thing, spending the remaining years which stay as a shrine maiden in order to explore her news seemed to be a good idea. Doing by the parish's having number made it the pierced earring of RUMINASU, and having minced the kimono, I know her true name above all.

-- Prospects of success may be a certain .

When separating, RUMINASU was still still dearer.

He thought that he was such a regretful woman like this for the first time, and was told.

The opening ceremony previous day of a Plumbum-Simulacrum  vertical section railroad.

I was coming to the capital of Plumbum. A train is changed also many, the collar of an overcoat was scratched to the trip which is visible only as for the snow-covered landscape, and the starting station of a Plumbum-Simulacrum  vertical section railroad where a ceremony is held came down, being frozen.

-- Train which I join  this .

There was a train which waits for tomorrow's ceremony in a home at the very end. Cloth was put on the engine and I did, and although the home had the full-swing preparation with which the ceremony was equipped and entry of a general visitor was not completed, I who got off the train was looking at it vacantly on the platform distant one. Although there was no snow danced from empty, a side wind dances and raises powdery snow occasionally.

"The shrine maiden"

It was abruptly called out and startled in SIMM RAKURUMU language. It was familiar voice.

When slowly turned round with the whole body, there was a shrine maiden of Plumbum which was wearing the hat with peculiar high length there. Hair is hidden in gray dress with the Osamichi hood.

".... RUMINASU?"

RUMINASU stood there rightly.

"yes. It is a long time."

The partner who wishes reunion earnestly was looking up here with the seemly smile.

「なぜ? どうしてあなたが?」
"Why? You are ?" why.

Surprise stands previously rather than joy.

"It was overwhelmed by the person to meet. Since the shrine maiden from Simulacrum arrives with the last train. Even if you pass in a thing till when, you have not come out of the ticket gate to it. It came to think that it is amusing and to see a situation."

「改札って? え? 待ち合わせをしていたのは嶺国の鉄道員……」
"Ticket gate? It obtains and is ?. Having waited is a railroad worker of Plumbum.... It is ".

RUMINASU smiled at my words and showed the breast of its shrine maiden dress to them.

-- Plumbum railways?

The badge with which the initial of the Plumbum sacred railroad was dug rightly had shone on her breast.

「鉄道記章? なぜ?」
"Railroad badge? It is ?" why.

RUMINASU laughs that it is disagreeable and it shows.

"Since it became a railroad shrine maiden, it had been decided. Plumbum-Simulacrum shline Running through -- a railroad . I am shrine maiden  of the Plumbum side ."

"Lie ...."

"Is it not lie ? Since it is a partner of you from tomorrow. please give me guidance -- senior sister"

I from whom power in the knees has escaped dropped the waist on the 凍てつく home.

「ちょっと! どうしたの。ね、大丈夫?」
"Just for a moment! What is the matter? ne, OK ?"

The hand of RUMINASU which was made to rise and has been lengthened as like is caught.

"Genuine article .... ?"

"It is decided that it will be a genuine article. Please become brave. ? which is already planning to fade till when"


A tear is also careless enough to overflow. It was begun pitter-patter on the knee for a tear to be transmitted to a cheek like a waterfall at the next moment which considered so, and to make sound.

"RUMINA .... SU"

I sobbed. From on a glove, the hand of RUMINASU is grasped tightly and its cheek is pressed against a cheek by giving up in the taken hand.

"I considered so, adding that it cannot meet any longer. In this way, it was uneasy in whether it is the figure in which I do not know Plumbum as 訪 in quest of your figure in a spring."

The voice of the wind at which RUMINASU was oh surprised is uttered.

"That is right if so is said. That to which I and you have passed over a shrine maiden's period long ago. You were feeling somehow that it was forever with a railroad shrine maiden. When becoming the shrine maiden of a vertical section railroad, it was convinced that he can meet you absolutely."

RUMINASU at which it laughs lightly so is dazzling.

".... Are you optimist? -- "

「ふふ。だって、あなたは絶対にこの鉄道にわたしを探しにきてくれると思ったもの。そういう人でしょう? あなたは」
"Fuh Fuh. you are what was regarded as coming me for search to this railroad absolutely as だ. Are you such a man? He is you."

It is not the sound of  give-up, either. It was completely right.

"big talk -- stand. The hotel best for the shrine maiden from Simulacrum in a capital is prepared. If it has sat down on such a place, beautiful shrine maiden dress is spoilt."

RUMINASU short in stature made me stand by unexpectedly strong power.

I do not release my hold, but pull, hold and bring near her hand. Probably, it was expected. RUMINASU has jumped in into my arm lightly.

"A mischievous person"

RUMINASU was hidden under my overcoat and has turned the arm to the back. A simulacrum shrine maiden's protection-against-the-cold arrival is a mere mantle to the extent that it puts on. Although the practicality as protection-against-the-cold arrival was low, seemingly, it was fit for getting warm at two persons in this way.

-- A shrine also considers chic clothes.

The priestess chief and shrine mistress -- the main grave faces are recollected. Possibly those people that wore the face which seems to be great also carried out a coworker's shrine maiden and love at their girlhood. In order to warm oneself by the sweetheart and two persons, possibly the overcoat by which such before is not closed was decided to be a uniform.

Happening to think suddenly, I hold and tear off the shoulder of RUMINASU with both hands.

「ルミナス。鉄道巫女になったと言いました? シヴュラは、シムーン・シヴュラは辞めてしまったのですか?」
"RUMINASU. Was it said that it became a railroad shrine maiden? Has sibyllae resigned Simoun-sibylla? "

"It is natural. Young shrine maidens crowds.) in the shrine, and if I was original, the time when it should go to a spring was coming. time -- suiting -- だった. The vertical section railroad heard that it was asking for the shrine maiden, and flew at No. 1. To a shield, it is experience which moved the engine with you ね"

"If it will be a railroad shrine maiden in case of sibylla, there will be no change in the term which can stay as a shrine maiden. It will get down from the seat of sibylla of a glory."

RUMINASU frowned whether power would be put in too much at the hand which has held things and the shoulder very.

"Can't it be given if glad?"

No [ "]. No. There is no such thing by any means. However, SHIBYURA is a supreme seat. It is a glorious status which a shrine maiden aims at. Doesn't it change by Plumbum, either? About [ which had to hold war and had to get Simoun

It appeals for "my half the body" and RUMINASU to sweety call . "To be sure, the status of Sibylla was pride also for me. However, even if it is in the status of glorioussibylla if you are not in the neighborhood, it will fade.

ANIMUSand Temps-spatium are deified as an image of half-wing. It is said that these two pillars were one God also as the basis. It felt, when it met first. If I as well as gods am the existences which share one soul.

I think that reunion was also completed in this way since it was --. It is introduction of the gods of two pillars."


A frame is pushed against her caught shoulder.

Although he wanted to apologize as I'm sorry, apologizing here also becomes looking down upon her selection. RUMINASU had denied  called a shrine maiden's rank. The railroad was chosen having applied Sibyllae to the balance with the railroad shrine maiden. Although I who was able to feel the breath of Godess for Helical-mortris of the engine had stopped feeling the necessity of surely depreciating oneself, in a meaning called social standing, it differs greatly too at Sibyllae and a railroad shrine maiden. In plumbum, the practical shrine maiden as a keeper of Herical-mortris etc. did not exist primarily until now. Even existence, such as a railroad shrine maiden's social standing, will not be recognized.

"The title of Sibylla is life although it cannot ride on Simoun any longer. It is ? to which I would get you to it."

"Yeah !"

I turn an arm to the waist of RUMINASU and take the body thin as it is in my breast. Giving her a tight hug at the home of night which powdery snow blows, it turns round and round and shows.

The platform as for which people's sign ceased became the stage of only our silvery snow.

In lodgings                     

It whispers in the distance from which even a motion of not only breze but a lip is transmitted.
"Please see me."
RUMINASU laughs whether to meet. The head was leaned and the lip has been united deeply. make the tongue point come into contact with, and be traced and involved -- る. Sucking and it which is explored together seemed to be conversation. Membrane is made to come into contact with, involve each other, and a mutual boundary line disappears and goes by sharing saliva. The illusion into which the body to which a tight hug was given is also likely to overlap without a crevice, and is likely to melt is produced.
"It is likely to melt only in kiss...."
RUMINASU mixes and whispers about alluring sound. Is the breast which waves greatly to the degree of breathing the first time in [ by kiss ] ?
"-- it does not laugh -- ?"
"What is ?."
probably, by train of "Simuraclum, the face was united for the first time -- ?"
"It considered at that time. Wanting this very tall shrine maiden of the is. That was the first to have thought someone in the だ which wants to sleep. .... It is disagreeable. I feel that the mean thing is used as the mouth."
RUMINASU which are ashamed of was too lovely, and was not in kissing and having wanted the partner should put will that it is its direction, and it should be involved a tongue positively -- . When the lip was detached Careing hair, the silver bridge crossed between lips.
"RUMINASU. Would you listen to confession?"
「なあに? おっしゃって」
"what. It tells and is ".
The tune of voice mutual for calling it confession is too sweet.
"Your body seen at the time of purification ceremony is printed on an eye, and does not separate. I have been fascinated with you although it was the midst of a divine work."
If it looks in, the wet pupil will bow its head in assent again.
It is "the body should exist in your arm now."
"It helped making it remove also at that time and carrying out it...."
But on the occasion of purification ceremony, the clothes which removed and removed the button by the side of the back were only received.
Now, my hand is opening the back of shrine maiden dress, being transmitted to the back of RUMINASU.
The dress of the silhouette carried out calmly removed the button of the back, and slid it down into the step only by extracting an arm. The white limbs clothed in the slip appeared from under gray shrine maiden dress. The whiteness of the skin made the whiteness of the snow of Olumbum remember. The line of the body wrapped in the thin cloth charms me like a loose mountain range.
"You are my angel too."
A shoelace is undone and boots are removed. RUMINASU is scare about my hair which combed down underfoot. A hand is applied to the underwear which covered the waist, feeling carering to the hair comfortably. Although mind which is rather amusing was carried out, DOROWAZU was able to regard the line of the body which is transparent and visible to the moonlight inserted from a window as making it spoilt.
it -- と -- it remembers. Also at the time of purification ceremony, RUMINASU had the memory which had removed the slip at the end.
Seeing RUMINASU which only became clothed in one thin thing compared with a light outside the window, I breathe [ satisfactory ] out.
"It does not settle down."
"-- it is very beautiful -- RUMINASU. Watching is also satisfactory."
"Oh, don't you touch?"
The sign of laughter is included and RUMINASU says. I looked up at her, kneeling down underfoot.
"Shall I am, without touching such great you?"
The hand of RUMINASU is put on the hand held out calmly. When the back of the hand was kissed, the back reacted with ぴくり. Seemingly, only I do not remember strain.
"Oh, is there any full-length mirror?"
The mirror which can begin to project the whole body was put on the corner of the room. The sha which covers a specular surface is removed and RUMINASU which stood by the window is projected. Both I that turned behind her faced the full-length mirror.
"Probably, it will be beautiful even if it has a look a big talk and for itself."
As the face was buried to red hair, it whispered about it to him. Her scent already kept in the heart is filled to the limit of a nostril.
It stroked and was transmitted to the both arms which RUMISUNA lowered, and the fingertip was explored by side of a thigh. It grasps tightly softly, however forcibly in the place combined so that a palm might be united. The breast made to meet has told the warmth of her back.
"You [ -- ]" RUMINASU laughs in a low voice. " -- It is " in the thing which giving a tight hug from the back likes.
"Are they queerness and でしょう?"
No [ " ]. He feels easy very much."
I raise sound small and kiss hair. Repeat many times.
"Great red. It has not seen to such tone that bursts into flames, and others. yearning -- or [ having taken to it, since it was your hair rather than it called it -- ] .... "
If a lip is applied to a white earlobe, RUMINASU will move lightly. Sound was raised at the mole of the thin color found to a pierced earring and ear, and it was kissed.
"Do also たり [ that green cuts your hair and it is visible depending on the degree of light ]? Wonderful ...."
Hair is pushed aside with the tip of the nose, and an ear is found out. When the earlobe was put and inhaled labially, the breath leaked from the lip of RUMINASU for a long time this time.
"It is ticklish."
Both hands [ having constructed the finger ] are loaded with power. The finger was rearranged so that the back of a hand might be wrapped from the state where the palm was united, and a tight hug was given to the body of RUMINASU as it was. An arm is crossed in front of her breast. Be the same as the posture of a prayer exactly.
"I wished to touch all the time."
The line of the tattoo drawn on the back of a hand is followed by the index finger.
being attached throughout life [ "], and also feeling it heavy occasionally, since it turns -- being certain -- a thing -- "
"well. Since a shrine maiden keeps and tells a thought of people, it may say so. But since about now is loved by me, this tattoo has it. Is it different? "
The look of RUMINASU overlapped with my look in the full-length mirror. When it was kissed and shown as the back of the taken hand, with her in a mirror gazed at, she made the cheek go up blood suddenly.
The mark of the shrine maiden who is in the back of a hand again is traced by the fingertip. Seemingly, the blue line will be beautifully connected, when a wrist, an elbow, and the arm and shrine maiden of 2 take the posture of a prayer from the back of a hand. A blue line is followed by the fingertip. The tattoo of RUMINASU was a sacred symbol for me. In me, RUMINASU represents the shrine maiden of ANIMUSU and it was considered by the tattoo that the deity of hers is shown. She is not a mere shrine maiden. It was the existence near the object of the faith to me at least which should be venerated. Experience called double starting of HERIKARUMOTORISU which she gave. It had given me the worship to her.
RUMINASU moved again in the place where the finger traced respectfully touched on the tattoo of a collarbone.
"On a neck"
A word brings near a lip slowly so. When the blue line was followed only in the kiss which touches, breeze of a clearly sweet color began to leak this time.
"To the nape"
When the hairline at the back of neck was pushed aside, the geometrical pattern of skillful cobalt appeared from between the hair of 緋色. The body is bent and the pattern is kissed. Put a prayer to bring near a lip by the image of a deity.
"In a shoulder blade, it is the pattern of wings .... I thought that I wanted to carry out kiss here all the time."
It was kiss to the last and kiss. it necessarily 愛撫 neither by the tongue nor the fingertip, and inhales, and marks are attached -- also coming out -- there is nothing. Only kiss made to be touched with a lip. A knee is poked and it applies to the shoulder from the neck which is unreserved, and only after a tattoo, kiss is repeated carefully and it goes. whenever [ and / which a lip touches as if it responded to the act ] -- RUMINASU -- shaking runs to the skin. Even the reaction was felt like some revelation.
If the line with a blue portion by which the back side was exposed is exhausted, a finger will be extended to 肩紐 of the underwear of the pliant feel. 肩紐 is dropped on an elbow from both shoulders, and a look is turned to RUMINASU in a mirror.
"RUMINASU. Would you show? All of you"
".... yes -- "
The arm in which its breast is held so that it may cross in front of a breast is taken down slowly. Sound of the rustle of clothes which slides a motion of the arm on the skin later on. The thin cloth slid down like a liquid or sand makes vexations small underfoot. The look [ having united ] is closed slowly.
"-- such .... "
RUMINASU in sight also seemed to be the statue with which RUMINASU in a mirror also breathes. It is given to deity rather than organic functions, and gives me blessing rather than a desire. Although the worship to existence of a living body knew that it would serve as a burden to a partner, I could not but make RUMINASU strong emotional attachment.
The continuation of kiss was resumed. On the flank which met spareribs under the shoulder blade, the back, and Backbone. Kiss was repeated to all tattoos given to the back side. A lip is made to be touched without leaking also to the back of the arm taken down to the body side, or a hand, and it goes. it --saint -- it is kiss to an image. It was not sexual care but the manifestation of religious impression which must be done so.
When moving the object of the kiss to the waist jutted out of the narrow waist, RUMINASU reacts to contact each of the aloof lips sensitively. Whenever a lip touches, the back is shaken, and tensions of the skin are heightened. Breathing is also confused as if it had also exchanged completely intense kiss, and it began to bounce. a stock -- when the hand free] was grasped, it was strongly grasped again so that something might be borne.
Careful polite kiss moves to thigh, knee back, calf, andan ankle from a buttock. As it prayed, when it arrived at the heel, the whole body of RUMINASU was dimly dyed pink. Even the color of the skin which moreover carried out mind is the object of veneration for me.
The tattoo which can kiss from a back side is exhausted. I who turned to the front started kiss from the tiptoe anew. It crouches down with the posture of a prayer maintained, an instep is kissed, and a frame is pushed. Then, when kiss is repeated and a lip creeps up even to 太腿, RUMINASU shakes a knee occasionally and sways the upper part of the body.
It is needed in 昂ぶ.
It was clear also to the eyes of me who look up at her by knee stands. The cloud of a light abdomen part with a color deeper than hair however hung [ take / on moisture mind ], and from the portion which breathes at the back, to the inner thigh, drop drew the line on the moonlight to put, and it shone with it to it. It is also in that the waist is pulled たり so that it may escape for a moment, if kiss is moved tobackbone from thigh.
RUMINASU which continues standing, making rouse the shoulder so that something may be borne, and disturbing breathing was more beautiful than any RUMINASU seen until now.
"Is it hot?"
It speaks to RUMINASU of signs that it was become tense. It was what kiss is finished for at the end of the pelvis which the waist jutted out most.
"yes. .... No"
Although it did not understand whether it was that as which the answer means which of affirmation and denial, she who looked up was gazing at here with the pupil closed halfway. The tear is made to spread in corner-of-the-eye <<まなじり>>. The arm made to cross already seemed to hold oneself in friendless rather than the figure of a prayer.
I throw a smile to such RUMINASU and resume kiss.
The small ellipse in the upper part of a navel. And the crest of the wings which are under a navel and were extended right and left. Signs that a small circle was visible also to an inverse triangle at the root of wings were carved at the tip of wings, and this turned out that each expressed the ovary and the womb. Kiss is everywhere dropped also on the wings and it goes to them.
"-- obtaining .... んっ .. "
Seemingly, it will begin to leak from a mouth, without the voice which it was going to understand bearing and going out. The back of the shadow which breathes according to breathing was carried out in eye gloss, was, showed the motion, and also made unacquainted me feel the nearness of a limit for a sex. It is as strong as the heart of me who was speeding up pulsation before beginning kiss to the whole body is also likely to break further, and it has appealed against 動悸.
Under the crest of wings. The blue line was becoming invisible from time to time also to mons veneris so that it might hide in the thicket which starts thinly. If it was the figure in which the wings under a navel extended the feather downward from width, it of an abdomen part was visible to the crest of twin wings which was able to be extended upwards. RUMINASU shakes a sit-up greatly only by bringing the small method of crest kiss and small face close. Probably, breeze arrived.
It shifts downward slightly once in the upper part of 恥丘, and is once. And the root of wings which gather under it, and there press a lip into the portion in which the beginning of the crack which hid in the shadow lurks strongly. The scent of RUMINASU rises strongly and instigated my 動悸 up further. While performing kiss on the body, the skin was sucked up with the pressed lip for the first time. When it thought whether RUMINASU shook the body strongly particularly to the stimulus of the last, its head of mine was buried in its hands, and the knee was broken down.
「んっ 、 んぅぅっ"!
While a tight hug is strongly given on a breast, RUMINASU takes that of lower abdomen shaken in. When the waist which is going to collapse was caught in its arms in the arm, it became the form where RUMINASU of knee stands was held on the knee which sat straight.
A tight hug is given to the waist for the thigh of RUMINASU with all its strength. She who ran the spasm in the abdomen part 2 times and 3 times extracted the power of the whole body, breathing out a breath for a long time.
It waits for a wave to pull intently, catching her mons veneris labially.
Something with for the first time in [ of RUMINASU / extacy / sacred ] was felt for me like the proof from which it has got down to her body. Deep relation of a girl's sex and deity had to be felt.
RUMINASU has taken down the waist on a knee so that it may slide from the posture which buried its head of mine in its hands. It murmurs in the voice in which it gives it somewhere to mind feel languid.
"Sound ...."
The frame which floated sweat is kissed. To the tattoo describing a long circle of a frame
"That sound of a SHIMUN ball was able to be heard...."
Sound like the glass harmonica which became clear highly. when starting HERIKARUMOTORISU, only a shrine maiden hears -- 聖 -- it is sound. It having been heard in for the first time in 昂 was that conviction goes to me very much.
-- This man has true blessing too.
It is good news to the sweetheart in an arm. -- It is the what miracle in which it literal -- visits. An existence special also as a sweetheart also as a shrine maiden. I got the object in which it should believe at last.
-- This sweetheart is not lost by any means. It will not come to lose.
The thought strongly minced to the heart makes power put into an arm.
「ん .... It is painful if a tight hug is given so strongly."
"It does not detach by any means. Since it does not detach, it is " absolutely.
「……どうしたの? 泣いているの?」
".... what is the matter? Is it crying?"
"yes. A tear does not stop."
Even if he was asked why it was, it was explained well. He did not plan to have said toward him, "The sacred thing got down." Although God in this world is God of the existence which makes a miracle embody by two, sex and SHIMUN, faith and its Grace are exceptions. Although I deepened the veneration to RUMINASU by making the skin touched, it was strictly individual experience. For me, although RUMINASU was changing to the existence located at the center of faith, it is only a talk in my inside. It is difficult to make the feeling into language.
".... it was shameful -- "
ぽつり and RUMINASU opened the mouth after silence for a while.
"Yes ?"
"The one who receives your kiss in a mirror was seen. if you up, an attitude which touches even an image of a deity truly will describe me -- a thing. It is shameful, since it is the figure which you love, he wants not to look at all, and to print on an eye but, and it is ".
"I printed on this eye to all the corners of your body.
Oh, that is right. Yet [ kiss to the tattoo of a breast ]. Continuation --"
The frame was pushed on RUMINASU of the bitter smile mixture by being useless with the finger.
"Wait for a while. Until the body subsides to a slight degree. And let's continue on a bed."
RUMINASU gave me a tight hug strongly. Such an illusion which happiness serves as a form and appeared was memorized.

Short sleep was taken, and when woken up receiving the late morning sun of northern countries, RUMINASU which seemingly woke up first had looked into the face. It speaks rubbing a sleepy eye.
"Good morning"
"good morning. My half the body"
"Could it sleep well?"
".... although loved each other like that last evening, wording does not change -- "
"Is it amusing in yes?"
The sound of the kiss by no in a frame sounded. RUMINASU which begins to be compared with the put morning sun white -- looking up -- such -- と -- it sighs.
"What ?"
An eye is narrowed with "you --." "He is my angel. My light. As the name suggests"
The name called RUMINASU originates in optical <<lumen>> of an archaic word, or | brightness <<luminosus>>. She who begins to be compared with the dazzling morning sun was able to consider in the existence suitable to the name.
It laughs at RUMINASU lightly.
"A streak of light which you put to <<speculaof choice>> and winter sky of Plumbum if I am optical <<lumen>> is becoming a wish. SUPEKURIA? which will be so"
In the morning sun which finishes dyeing all white, RUMINASU called my name.

-- fin --