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 BGM "Piazzola_Triumfal." /  by Astor Piazzolla (1921~1992)
 「ピアソラ・凱旋門(戦勝記念)」 / アストル・ピアソラ(1921~1992)

Comparison for our star-system's Earth made
"Modern Jet Fighter/Attaker (F/A-18F)"

The syllabus of twin-seater, airplane, fighter attacker, and model and F/A-18F (two seat) furthermore like to Shimoun well in respect of the airframe scale (size) etc. "Super-hornet" was compared by the table form in our world with two kinds (Shimire Shimoun and Shimoun).

Model name F/A-18F (twin-seat type) Shimire Shimoun Shimoun
The total length 18.38m Uncertainty Uncertainty
The width 13.62m(9.94m at fold) Uncertainty Uncertainty
The total height 4.88m Uncertainty Uncertainty
Area of main wing 46.45m2 0m² 0m²
Empty (dryness) weight 14009kg Uncertainty Uncertainty
The maximum take off weight 29940kg Uncertainty Uncertainty
Amount equipped with maximum 8000kg Uncertainty Uncertainty
Amount equipped with fuel 6780kg+7430kg(outside machine) Uncertainty Uncertainty
Maximum speed M1.60/high degree 11000m-57℃ in atmospheric temperature
(about 1699.2 km/h)
Uncertainty Uncertainty
The maximum cruise speed M0.839/Altitude 10,814m  -54℃ in atmospheric temperature
(about 900 km/h)
Uncertainty Uncertainty
Practical, rising limit 15240m Uncertainty Uncertainty
The maximum combat radius 390nm
(The Hi-lo-lo-Hi flight mission )
Range of Temps-spatium of wave motion reception (guess)
Guard combat radius 410nm
(each two AIM-120・AIM-9)
Unsetting Unsetting
Obstruction attack radius 665nm
1000lb4 and bomb × (AAM×4
・ fuel tank ×3)
Unsetting Unsetting
Flight time 2 hours and 15 minutes
(AAM×6・ fuel tank ×3
・150nm from the career at CAP patrol
Unrestricted(*1) Unrestricted(*1)
Allowance and maximum Acceleration load
(Standard weight)
 19,090Kg or less and  +7.5G./ -3.0G Unrestricted(*2) Unrestricted(*2)
The maximum weight of
Acceleration load
 Maxmaum 29940kg   +4.8G / -1.9G Unrestricted(*2) Unrestricted(*2)
Engine GE F414-GE400 turbofan ×2
(MIL:67kN A/B:97.9kN)
Herical mortoris(1/2) Herical mortoris(2/2)
Fixed arms 20mm-M61A1 Gatling gun/Vulcan
(400 bullets)
One or two machine gun It is the same as the left.
Special Warfare Equipment N/A N/A Equipment for Ri Marjon(guess)
Detection distance Accuracy priority 75km- max148km or less
N/A Divisor 10km(guess)
Crew Two person One person or two Two person
Wireless and navigation device Various wireless and laser ranging devices
・GPS/INS navigation device
Cable communication, Tenhaca, and ground sentence navigation device complete set

*1  Crew AurigaTiredness and a physiological limit of/Sagitta are excluded.

*2  There is an acceleration limit according to the limitation of mass in which inertia can control though it is unrestricted.

<BR> The air combat comparison evaluation F/A-18F to  Typical "Simire-Simoun" or ";Simoun" in the environment of our star system "the earth"!

F/A-18 that can one-sidedly attack the long distance without noticing existence from the difference of the detection distance in the combat outside the visual check if F/A-18F (twin-seat and Shimoun (original) fight by couple 1 is dominant overwhelmingly.

On the other view down..difficult.

On the other hand, there is no what is at least shot down to Shimoun if the domination of the speed performance of F/A-18 is made the best use of and the distance is taken.

Moreover, the strategy of being not able to evade by spreading out by using the domination of the communication technology on the F/A-18 side and attacking a single target simultaneously, driving in, and shooting down one plane is effective though the threat of compound Ri Maajon by the formation joins in the formation combat by several planes.


  1. Enviroment air in the our star system , the "Earth".
  2. We know two type Simoun's weak pont well., make use of our advantage point , top speed , rader-range, wireless communications
  3. We simulation actual air combat at modelate F/A-18 's flyable time not mind of the fuel lack. (Actual flight combat time 15minutes)
  4. We avoid Simoun's Ri-maajon movement of the tracks of flight in formation combat,and more avoid dog-fight their advantage Easing of acceleration by inertia control.
  5. This assumption is an assumption on the condition for a mock combat etc. that bring various Shimoun and motive power (relic of Temps-spatium) in to the earth who is the same environment , for instance, a star mother star comparison, and the possibility that a different result comes out is cut off in the planet environment of an atmospheric composition, the planet environment, and the sky land with the possibilities of a wireless trouble by the double sun (fixed star binary star) further-more.

When the speed, mobility, and the fighter in Algentum Atoll (coral?) nation bears arms when it thinks about such an over technology, the disparity in technology considerably can be said that it will fight well though is (Though there is an advantage of Sibylla the crew of Shimun, and not existing as a professional soldier).

Source in this volume of concealing technology of helical Mortoris

Even if it is secret, Shimoun is a sense of the department white of one story Halconf of the first half used for Shimeod nothing, and in the Imperial prince country aspect, the enemy might run away and be common Gevura's flight with Shimoun and competing, too and as the sense in the on his/her return certain Imperial princess country.

It doesn't have the secret concealed to conceal it by not advancing from the faith and the religious taboo feeling the analysis of the structure, and it is concealed that the one that it is possible to touch from the taboo feeling to the airframe similarly is limited from the outside, and connects with the sense of monopolizing the technology. It is refused to make the people other than Sibylla touch easily, and is an equal meaning of the actual thing of Shimun and Hericalmortoris to come in contact the person of another country where Atsshin to Temps-spatium doesn't exist in the much more being consequentially made "Secret" it not is, and the dislike while even the technology clarified.

Only the Imperial princess nation has the technology of Shimoun and Hericalmortoris, and another nation feels, the Imperial princess nation makes to "Secret" and the technology is "Monopoly", and is guessed to be a purpose of the war on the surface because of the clarification of the "Secret" .."Air pollution" and "Recession" it.. ..'Solution'...

..solution of the situation that the country blockaded by .."The development of each nation by the technology acquisition is a main purpose".. industrialization that passes by the excuse (It is "Secondary purpose. " if it says decently), and an economic logjam.. buckpassing (The one requested to the point where the risk of invading the country that turns well by the country and has Shimoun is shouldered also has nothing) to the excuse "Secret monopoly of the Imperial princess country". There is an opinion of true purpose for these problems to cancel because each country is finally enriched by the occupation of the Imperial prince country because of a technological of Hericalmortoris obtaining and people's dissatisfaction is averted, too.

It is understood that it is an airframe had been taken before her "Grand-father" (It is uncertain whether it is a father's side or it is a mother's side) going to Sibylla ,in a word, to the fountain and becoming a man though the recollection of the scene and Arel from which old-fashioned single-seated Shimire that Arel got on by seven stories is Restoaed by the maintenance soldiers under the control of Waporrif in childhood appears.

Here, was the Imperial princess nation in warfare with another country in an age past of this?The doubt is caused.

The enemy country does fear of Shimun as long as it saw from the following serif selecting and recording however, a straight combat might not have been done if it thought from the serif of Rordoreamon and Alti though there might have been learning and some skirmishes. Choir Capt is presumed in one story and the stern might be.. is presumed to the annihilated large-scale empty war up to now in the biggest combat. Neither air pollution in Argentum Atoll (coral ?) nation nor economic in Plumbum ridge nation failure became aggravated, had come to light yet, and each country might not have been at a pinch to kick only the war to the Imperial prince country ..the Shimun hope.. in grandfather's age.

However, it cannot be asserted that there were completely neither a skirmish nor a small-scale armed clash.

If you say from the conclusion

"There was no real, large-scale combat like this one volume story in the age of the grandfather of Arel. "

"There might have been a combat of the skirmish extent. "

It is likely to be able to say.

Epiode-1 "words" selecting and writings (Episode 1)