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 BGM "piazzola_parael" / by Astor Piazzolla (1921~1992)
 「ピアソラ・パラエル / 

The dark right hand
The Twilight of Choir Dextra
闇の右手 コール・デクストラの黄昏

Chapter 1 Dominūra
第1章 ドミヌーラ

I'm Dominūra the surviver of The Choir Dextra, and then, by the invitation of archon Halconfu
I came to this " The Choir the tempest "came to this in the invitation of archon .
私の名はドミヌーラ、コール・デクストラの生き残り、そして執政官ハルコンフの招きで この「コール・テンペスト」に来た。

I like still-young Rimone very much.

Although it is me who is
Sibylla struck by the shadow mouth of the barren woman,
I do not think that it will become to still have become a mother again, either.


However, the title of this genius little girl stimulated me strangely.

I don't care when will be said to when it seems that it is the relations a mother & daughter.
Such a thought passed to want to attempt to love both those jejune hills which seem soft sometime, too, is often.

母娘のようだと言われようと構わない。 あのやわらかそうな幼い双丘を、いつか慈しんでみたい、そんな思いがよぎることも度々だ。

I sometimes begin to be in the name, Rimone, in the idea.
Last Sagitta of me in the annihilated corps, too, was Rimone in now and the age which doesn't change so.

Instead of not going to school at 12 years old which are older a little than the pretty daughter, Rimone who doesn't suit the plainly growing name which is called Titania, I was assumed to tell necessary knowledge.

In The Choir-Dextra, I was rumored beaten" the one with the hand of the right hand of the noble woman is doubtful " and " The one which such a child has an interest in spite of being a middle-aged woman? " severely , I will not care !! that child was the my best love !!
デクストラでは、「貴女の右手の手付きが怪しい」とか「年増なのに、そんな子に興味があるの?」と散々だったけれど、気にするものか! あの子は最高だった。

When practicing Ri-Maajion several times at the Marju pool in the Arcs-Niger Career before coming out to the front,
in the difference of the procedure, I have bumped each other.
前線に出る前に、数回リ・マージョンの練習を、アルクス・ニジェールのマージュ・プールで行っていたとき、 手順の違いで、お互いぶつかってしまったことがある。

" Sorry Dominūra Ah !! " I touched her valuable part in the hand. I had become so accidentally.
私は彼女の大事な部分に手を触れてしまっていた。 偶然にそうなってしまった。

However, that are good sometime in the bottom in the heart if such an accident occurs
けど、心の底で、いつかこんなアクシデントが起きればよいのにと 思っていたのは間違いない

"Already, a little, I make do as this. Oh, the cute daughter ! ”
「もう少し!このままでいさせてよ、ああ、かわいい娘(こ) !

Dominūra, something you were hot? What is the matter?

I had the small finger of that daughter to my own plump mamma. But that daughter didn't find the meaning at first I began to finger the tip about whether or not I understood unconciously when the finger touched the part which my tip is sensitive to.
私は自らの豊満な乳房にあの娘の小さな指を持っていった。 あの娘は、最初その意味が判らなかったけど、 私の先端の敏感な部分に指が触れるとなんとなく理解したのか、 その先端を弄り始めた。

" Oh, the bad child are the good girl of the scent and are ・・・ to like "
With a feeling as the film hangs over the skin feeling there being. It seemed nettled in it and was pleasant.
皮膚感覚に膜が掛かっているような気がして、 それはそれでじらされているようで心地よかった

However, I turned over the upper part of body of the Marju-suit and made the flow of the wind which is good for the feelings use the mamma.
けど、私は、マージュ・スーツの上半身をめくって、 その乳房を気持ちよい風の流れに振るわせた。

If taking all off, I fall to the ground and I die. The scare made feel me oppositely.
The lower part of the body doesn't come but this is this and isn't bad.
もし全部を脱げば、地上に落下して死ぬ。 その恐怖感が、逆に私を感じさせた、下半身は脱げないけど、 これはこれで悪くない。

The body descended with the nature to the lower part of Marju pool, my sensitivity rose oppositely to the heaven like the time to have risen in "Simile-Simoun" which lightened a fuselage just like until the very limit with the thrill.

Because " Titania " was anxious for me who descend with "Fallen ! " and caught the skin of the suit, my body had become open to the vicinity at the lower abdomen.

We make pull to the weight and if looking up at two bodies from the village in the ground, that it seems that it is possible to peep, I have been pasted up outside the Maaju-pool.
重力に引っ張られるようにして2人の体は、 地上の村から見上げれば、覗けそうな位に、プールの外側に張り付いてしまう。

The such feelings that will imagine what thing were cutting off limitin my heart if there was a villager who found our appearance by where in this Arcs Niger I am in the good luck, too, fortunately, too.
もしいればどんなことを想像するのだろう、 そういう感情が私の心のタガを切り離してしまっていた

Ah! Titania !!

My long hair twined with sweat and hung between the skin and the skin of that daughter.
私の長い髪が汗とともに絡まって、あの娘の皮膚と皮膚の間に まとわりついてきた。

I was a spring still and there was not intention of becoming a man but the feeling of me, too, understanding sufficiently did the feelings where they look for the woman.
私はこれからも、泉で男になるつもりはないけれど、 彼らが女を求める気持ちは私にも充分わかる気がした。

I said in front of the sun which falls to the safely ground, making take off the suit of Titania in the half at that time.
私はあのとき、ティタニアのスーツを半分脱がせて あやうく地上に落ちる寸前まで云った。

" I'm s fearful !! we are safety? Ah !!"

"I am fearful of me, too, but I am OK. So as not for me to fall from here, I make you rise, Going !!! "

All mobilize all fingers of the right hand from the top of the suit in the valuable part of that daughter and I am slimere.
あの娘の大事な部分をスーツの上から右手の指を全て総動員して 滑りこませる。

When the hand which caresses me of that daughter in it got to seem to stop, I scolded her.

" The taradiddle taradiddle, the hand are absent. OK, with your tiny pretty hand,
I lead me to the holy Temps-Spatium place and I receive me!
「ホラホラ、手がお留守よ、さあ、貴女の可愛い手で 私をテンプスパティウムさまの基へ導いて頂戴!」

Hopelessness well, I am not! of my direction absolutely! Because Pal, too, is cancellation if stopping a hand
「ダメじゃない!私の命令は絶対よ!手を留めたら、 パルも解消なんだから」

" I am ・・・・ in the truth of sorry ! me ・・・ ".

Then, that daughter said me when trying to reach height. 

" Request Dominūra don't stop your right-hand shake with fingers! request !
Supporting me by your left arm !"
「御願い、ドミヌーラ、右手を留めないで、御願い!左腕で しっかり私を支えていて!!」

Then, we reached height each other and did a mutual hot embrace and a kiss.

However, it was only two secrets of Marju pool being done in this sky which the people watch and see.
それは衆人が見守るこの大空で行われ、 けれどマージュプールの2人だけの秘密だった。

Chapter 2

The daughter in the mezzanine

That disgusting happening originated in the time of not being in the half year, too, from the hot secret with that daughter.
In long the left western fight line, the fight which is not so far happened from the Simulacrum own nation.
宮国本国からはるかに離れた西部戦線で、 今までに無い戦が起こった。

Probably, the Choir-tempest was a fierce battle above the scale which encountered the other day.
The anti-aircraft cannon corps of " Plumbum ridge nation " attacked Choir Dextra to have been chasing after to drive away the bamboo "dragon-fly" war plane of Argentum out of the territory, hanging a wait.
アルゲントゥムの竹とんぼ戦闘機を、領土外に追い払うために 追撃していた、コール・デクストラを、プルンブムの対空砲部隊が 待ちうけを掛けて襲ったのだ。

It was the one which is as intense as that the just like mutual country seems whether or not to have cooperated and whether or not to have gone.

Moreover, when sheltering in the sky near the Carnac village, I was under attack of the anti-aircraft tank corps and the mutual formation became apart.

" Dominūra, Silver Ri-Maajion Hastily ! !"

Soon Ms.Milithia and her Pal's ( the pair ) Simoun air-frame to say so received the strafing of the bamboo dragon-fly of Argentum which rided a condition, and that Simoun crashed.
By soon millimeter seer pal's ( the pair ) fuselage to say so I received the strafing of the bamboo dragonfly of Argentum and that Simoun felled.
そう云う間もなく、ミリシア・パル(ペア)の機体が、 調子に乗ったアルゲントゥムの竹とんぼの機銃掃射を受けて 堕ちていった。

Titania cried !

Dominūra, send a signal bullet !!.
Only the noticed pal draw "Silver Re Marjion !!
「ドミヌーラ、信号弾を送って!!気づいた子だけでも! 銀のリ・マージョン!!」

After-all it is two that were noticed including us after all of me.

No, it is although got to know later correctly. Having remained then actually could not but be three sets including us.

Here was a cry of Titania in the top of the rise exercise that Ri Maajion ended in the failure.

"Sorry Dominūra !! I'm already.... ".

Behind, when looking back, her appearance seemed only to be blink-of-an-eye. Seemed the face as the publication
of the feelings which I can have only for me
後ろを振り向いた時、彼女の姿が一瞬だけ見えた。 その顔は私にもてるだけの感情を載せているように思えた

Then, only I survived. When that the fuselage came with the emergency landing and arrival seems only to be miracle, I know that Waporif read a report in those days and that it spoke.
そして、私だけが生き残った。 機体が不時着できたのは奇跡としか思えないと、ワポーリフが 当時の報告書を読んで話したのを知っている。

A Choir was annihilated, I was in the being remaining and that daughter, too, died.

Then, only this I survived as the evil ill god.

I did a proposal to the simoon in the upper class part to be equipped with the ejection facilities but as for ShIline Pritess, didn't accept suit.
私は上層部に、シムーンに脱出設備を備えるよう提案をしたが、 宮守は請合ってくれなかった。

"Which must not be as the godess who becomes in all the ability makes and a simoon is shot down, and so on "
「全能なる神がつくりしシムーンが、 撃墜されるなどあってはならない!!!」

Since then, two, I make Rimone as "Auriga" now and fly today, too.

She is much younger than Titania and is saucy but I have Rimone in the being remaining.

Already, twice and very young girl were me who thought that it didn't make Pal until it lost Titania by the battle, the Choir(=corps), too, was annihilated and met this daughter.
戦闘でティタニアを失い、隊も全滅し、この娘に出会うまで、 もう2度と幼子はパルにしないと思った私だった。

However, only this daughter wants to defend me with that the Choir the tempest will be how, too.
それでもコール・テンペストがどうであろうとも、 私はこの娘だけは護りたい。

I have never become a mother and have thought that it is not and that I will have a child as the mother.
私は母になったことも無いし、母親として子供を産もうと 考えたこともない。

However, I am good."

I like the daughter who is !! "

I want to prize my feeling it sleeps next, Kissing the forehead of the saucy daughter
and, I closed a diary.
この自分の感情を大事にしていきたい、そう思いながら隣で眠る 生意気な娘のおでこにキスをして、 日記を閉じた

The 6th of 34 months day, the grand festival day today

signature : Dominūra Acvain
署名: ドミヌーラ・アクバイン

( Fin)