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 BGM "Hommage a Astor Piazzolla" / Orijinal source by Astor Piazzolla (1921~1992)
 「アストル・ピアソラへのオマージュ」 / アストル・ピアソラ(1921~1992)

Devis Susan's  Choir Tempest Character chart

Character Settings
I just watched eps. 1 and 2 last week, and WOW. I've never met a show that made me watched it over and over again these days. Even Mai Otome eps. 1 not.

My thought about this show've already stated pages before (I can't believe I read every posts before I write this one) but I can't help to say it again : the music is amazing.
It's a pity the sub is slow.. This show can be a REAL hit. I mean, with melodrama, angst, and yuri... *sigh*

Come on, Doremi!! We're counting on you!!

By the way, I just realize this. About Neville and Amuria's hair pin.

Episode 2 flashback, Neville hasn't wore hair pin yet.

Episode 2 flashback, Amuria wore 2 hairpins.

Episode 1 present, Neville and Amuria both wear 1 identical hairpin. (awww... lovely..)

And after that, Neville wears 2 harpins. 1 of them is Amuria's (?)

Oh, and big thanks for you Futaba-chan. I watched my RAWs with your synopsis as guide. d^_^b

I haven't seen ep.6 RAW yet, but I saw screenshots and that Paraietta and Kaimu's scene is soooo yuri.... *mouth begin to water*
Aahh.. I can't wait for it!
Yui from Okinawa
By the way, I just realize this. About Neville and Amuria's hair pin.
Episode 2 flashback, Neville hasn't wore hair pin yet.
Episode 2 flashback, Amuria wore 2 hairpins.
Episode 1 present, Neville and Amuria both wear 1 identical hairpin. (awww... lovely..)
And after that, Neville wears 2 hair-pins. 1 of them is Amuria's (?)

Neviril did not any kind of hair-pin yet, at first.
(Amuria used the hair-pin of two.)

Amuria presents one of the hair-pin to Neviril, and only one came to use the hair
pin for Neviril.
(Amuria and Neviril shared each other to one-pair hair-pins.)

After Amuria had died at Episode1, Neviril came to use two hair-pin as a personal token.

I'm surprised for a detailed setting.
The character setting plot is awesome!!

Yui from Okinawa
The relation between the class system in "The Simulacrum nation " which can be judged from recollection of Mamiina, and a shrine maiden "Sibyllae" (the plural of "Sibylla")


Mamiina is Shimoun Sibylla belonging to "Choir-Tempest" at Episode 7.

By the order of Halconfu, since it becomes the PAL of Neviril, it has transferred from the Choir Igunis of air-career "Arcus Niger".

Although it was the birth of a distinguished family once, it has gone to ruin even in the employee of " Rōdoreamon " at parents' generation, and it is being wanted to regain an once glory.

When the village which moved after a father's death was occupied by the suicide corps of "Plumbum ridge nation", instead of "Sibyllae" (the plural of "Sibylla") who refuses to fight, she got in Shimoun, and Mamina was chosen as "Sibylla" of repulse and the wish.

The ability as AURIGA be " speciality, so that it studies the results highest by "Sibyllae" (the plural of "Sibylla") selection at the place of "the great saint Mausoleum ".

Mamina, she proud of rhe drawing-more dangerous Ri-maajon
"Ri Maajon of sea-water tsunami" (海嘯  kai-shou)
"Ri Maajon of billows" (
波濤  hatou) "

The Episode 7-8 is remarkable to description "the Simulacrum Commoner and the Aristocrat concern".
("Ancien Régime")

In the Episode7, infant young girl Commoner "Mamiina" whose parents is gardener's served her parents in the garden of noble Aristocrat's mansion.

Her father had it noticed though aristocrat's daughter yong daughter lady " Rōdoreamon" was looking at herself, bowed, hold daughter's head furthermore, and bow.

That past incident left bitter recollections to her memory.

In the Episode-8, Mamiina's her home village near the the Plumbum ridge nation's divine, attacked by the Plumbum special soldier.(c.f THE GREEN BERETS / THE SPETSNAZ.)

Because of the brute attacking, the (*)female "Deux" suggested "Sibyllae" (the plural of "Sibylla")to "Ri-maajion bomberment" to "Plumbum special soldier" by "Simoun" in the village's host Shirine.
But, most of "Sibyllae" (the plural of "Sibylla") who has become from noble Aristocrats reject to fight the enemy by Shimoun to avoid "holy air craft" as war-machine (=fighter or bomber).
Because of the Sibyllae all refused on the theory that priestesses shouldn't fight

(*)The "Dux" of the village of the mother of MAMIINA can be judged to be a woman from the form of the half wing racked (The Left-hand side "Side with your heart" ) Pendant of her breast.

The "cadet" Mamina volunteered the female "Deux" to bomberment enemy "Plumbum" by the "Simoun".

Orijinally, it is hard to become "Sibylla" for the commmoner.
Thus MamiinaS had to overcome many difficulties by efforts to the plate rather than the aristocrat daughter.

Thus, her reckless personality has done in her rising intention.

Simoun Orijinal-Sound Track 01

Composed by : Mr. Toshihiko - Sahashi ( 佐橋 俊彦 )

01. opening theme
02. 妖艶なる絆の響き
03. 女性国家 第一楽章:旧人類
04. 女性国家 第二楽章:男性社会の崩壊と排除
05. 女性国家 第三楽章:新たな種の保存と変化
06. 女性国家 第四楽章:女性国家確立
07. 微かなる恋の心
08. 旅立ちの予感
09. 翼とツバサ
10. 特別な未来の為に…
11. 哀しみのシムーン・シヴュラ
12. そのままで…
13. 泉の波動
14. 約束
15. 美しき巫女の涙
16. 疑念と真実
17. 黒い陰
18. 大空のアウリーガ
19. 慟哭コール・テンペスト
20. 空中要塞
21. 静かなる祈りの声
22. 田園
23. 空よ風よ輝きの大地よ
24. ending theme

Translate subtitles

01. Opening Theme
02. Sound of fascinating bonds
03. Female state The first movement:    -- Homo sapiens neanderthalensis--
04. Female state The second movement: -- Collapse of male society, and exclusion--
05. Female state The third movement:   -- Preservation and change of a new species--
06. Female state The fourth movement:   --Female state establishment--
07. The heart of faint love
08. Premonition of departure
09. Wings and "TSUBASA"
10. To the special future sake
11. Pathos -- Shimoun Sibylla---
12. Stay as you as it is...
13. Wave motion of the spring
14. Promise
15. A beautiful shrine maiden's tear
16. Truth and doubt
17. Black shade
18. AURIGA at the great sky
19. Wail, The choir Tempest
20. Air Fortress
21. The voice of a quiet prayer
22. A Country
23. The sky, the wind of .... the brightness ground(Earth)...
(c.f: JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH " Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring ", BWV.147)
24. Ending theme

Simoun Orijinal-Sound Track 02

Composed by : Mr. Toshihiko - Sahashi ( 佐橋 俊彦 )
01. 手のひらのメロディー
02. 戦う空の果て
03. 混沌
04. 歴史は語る
05. 必然と涙
06. 明日への勇気
07. 困惑の時
08. 安らぎのツバサ
09. 疑念
10. 走れ!!
11. 大聖堂
12. 夕景の雲
13. 約束の朝に
14. 華麗なる舞踏室
15. シムラークルム宮国
16. 不安の視線
17. 空中待機
18. 感情の向くままに
19. 孤独な巫女
20. テンプスパティウムの波動
21. 侵犯
22. 優しい風の薫り
23. 孤独な祈りと歌
24. 独りの勇気
25. 空に描く夢
26. 伝説のリ・マージョン
27. ロードレアモン“翼の子守歌”
28. 夢の終わりに

Translate subtitles

01. A melody in the palm
02. The end of battle-Sky
03. Chaos
04. The history tells us
05. Necessity and tears
06. Courage to tomorrow
07. At the time of perplexity
08. Tsubasa of an ease
09. Doubt
10. Run! !
11. A sanctuary
12. A cloud of dusk
13. In morning of a promise
14. A splendid ballroom
15. The Simulacrum shrine nation
16. Eyes of uneasiness
17. Midair waiting (C.A.P)
18. As feelings are freely-suitable
19. A lonely Shrine maiden (medium)
20. Wave motion of Temps-Spatium
21. Invasion
22. Sweet smell of gentle wind
23. Lonely prayer and song
24. Courage of single
25. A dream to draw in the sky
26. Legendary Ri Mājon
27. Rōdoreamon " The lullaby of a wing "
28. At the end of a dream