Special Shou-Nation's Air-ship Fighters

Reprint from issue article in April issue
Monthly air - magazine ” Sky & Shimoun fan”

Writer: Guragief(”f”) the saint tactics commander

Translater: Yui (photographer and the visiter from over the another galaxy planet Earth.)
Above and These are photographs where it detects with Jade-Emerald radar, and we took a picture of the airframe that starts from their mother ships with a super-telephotographic camera of the aircraft carrier "Arcus Prima".

My name is Grajieph " f " Rimajyu "
Our holy, the Property of of valious children , young girls, enemy countries this time, and I
am told to know about the airframe in the shou-nation who is the invader.

"Argentum Shou Nation "(Translator note:Some of Fansub called "Craftman nation") has
superior science & technollogy on this planet " Daikuriku" (Sky land) except for
the Shimurarcrum Imperial princess nation , under the " Temps-patum " , her divine protection
(Translator note:superior beings is called "god " by the people...)

Technology helping, they have the carrier type Large Gas-envelope airship
with thin armor.
And they have more fighter or Recon type Buoyancy air-crafts.

<Tranlater notes: Hybrid airship article

The enemy's "Single-pal" has to defend body from the gas for the buoyancy station oneself at even the control compartment, those who control fully equip the goggle with the helmet, and, in addition, wear the whole body protective wear to the body parachutes.
Oh,Is it a very tight, pitiful, just isolate-enemy 's pal...

<Tranlater notes: Are parachutes a lost technology? There is rarely happening what, and, therefore, the idea of not needing dealing. (ostrich algorithm)
There is no .."Airframe that the god gave".. ..degeneration.. must... It is imprudent to think when falling.
Up to now, it had gone well by it.
However, measures for safety and the escape device will be necessary in the future. >


Zvezda K-36DM

Zvezda K-36DM
*(as like Zvezda "K-36DM" zero-zero ejection seat and Martin Baker Mark 7 ejection seat so on ...)

These air-crafts designed long range escort fighter or photo-recon

This craft very specific point of techonology.
The buoyancy doesn't suffice to support the self-respect slightly.
This is a solution to improve mobility and avoid Gas explode danger of ignition.

An insufficient buoyancy is supplemented with a huge propeller-roter.

(Translator note: V-22 Osprey Web )

Moreover, a rectangular plate is installed in the top and bottom of the airframe.
When the lift carries out the function of beginning see production and a supplementary wing, and is being reserved by the mother-airship carrier, these furthermore play the role of the armor version as a hard point of the clip cartridge.

And more, that rectangular plate camber effected to anti-tolque to big-diameter propeller-roter" rotateing...

Especially, a lower plate is a strange structure of becoming the storage space of the undercarriage.
Landing gear, landing light, other hard-point....

However, there is completely danger of the gas explosion.

Airframes of a considerable number have exploded by Simoun fighter attacked at a trans-sonic
speed shock-wave!

On the other hand, it is not possible to crash as long as neither the importance part nor
the pilot are gunned because Simoun ignites and doesn't explode even if shot.

STRATEGIC RECONNANCE Type craft product by " Argentum Shou Nation "

" Banboo-Dragon-Fly "
This name is " code--name" by the pal (Translator note: Pilots) ,our holy
"Shimurarcrum Imperial princess nation"

Infrared rays monochrome camera equipped.
And drop-tank contains Fuel and preliminary hydrogen gas
and more air-driven generator for electric equipment.

In landing situation , rotate and fold prop-roter,
and more tilt Rotation axis for not ground it

In other side . The start is often done by dropping from the reservation folder of the airship.
If take off the ground, can't spread the prop-roter fear of ground the prop-roters's end.
Thus , Buoyancy tank for take off or
JATO & RATO help needed!

< Translater Yui's note: I wonder if it was much like that for pilots in the RAF and Luftwaffe in 1939, before the actual shooting began. Rader serch Messer Sumit Bf(Me)-109E, The enemy crosses the sea across the Strait of Dover.>
ATO is an acronym for Jet Assisted Take Off.
 RATO (for Rocket Assisted Take Off)

STRATEGIC RECONNANCE Type Argentum Shou Nation's Dragon-Fly
Infrared rays monochrome camera equipped , that picture image...
Shimire Simoun (Shimire) attacking sonic boom!! taken gun-camera picture
(That picture aret collected from the enemy plane shot down and it photo-developed it.)

(Translater notes: Training craft for Simoun pilots. There are one- and two-seated versions.
It has not eqiped emerald.Thus, Shimire Simoun can not draw Ri Maajon.)
Far away view of " Arcus Prima" Neviril's mother ship.
Chor-Tempest and others Three corps belong.
The drop off the " tank and genaratoe unit " for the dog-fight!
(That picture aret collected from the enemy plane shot down and it photo-developed it.)
The Argrntum shot UN-manned Flying Bomb guided by gyro!!

(Translater notes: Probabely that flying Bomb has Proximity fuze or V.T. Fuse(Magic fuse) and similer to The Fieseler Fi 103/FZG-76 (Vergeltungswaffe-1, V-1), known as the Flying bomb)
(That picture aret collected from the enemy plane shot down and it photo-developed it.)
Neviril found Argentum Flying Fortrass
Lotte(x2) and Schwarm (Lotte<2> x2) formation !!
In twin-engine / Three-fuselage/ two-seats form.

Unlike a conventional flight machine, it comes to cut it by movement more freely than in changing the engine output of right and left, and a difference is yet catching up with mobility of a simoun although there is it by Energy-Maneuverability Logic

Argentum fighter pilot convesation at episode 16 (A part)

不明な会話内容 「ヒアコイ」他に数行(逆回し??)
Unknoun phrase "Here koi" (twice)

飛行隊長: 「各機散開」(「かっき さんかい」)/ Kakki sankai
Flight leader : " Each wing , Break it ! "

Pilot A :
「了解!」(「りょうかい」)= " All right ! "
Pilot B : 「了解!」(「りょうかい」)= " All right ! "

飛行隊長: 「 第二(飛行)小隊右へ!」
 (「だいに しょうたい みぎ へ」 /  Dai ni shoutai migi e!)

Flight leader : " Second flights, Right turn! "

不明な会話内容 (逆回し??)
Unknown phrase (Because of the reverse & noise-voice effect)

パイロットA:「発見した! シムーンだ」
(「はっけんした!シムーンだ」 / " Hakken shita ! Simoun da! ")

Pilot A : " I found ! Simoun ! "

パイロット:「なにも、見えん」(「なにも みえん」/ Nanimo mien!)
Pilot C: " I can't find simoun anyone !

隊長:「見失うな!」(「みうしなうな」/ Miushinauna !)
Flight leader :  " Dont lost it ! "

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