Zvezda K-36DM ejection seat with which Su-27 and MiG-29 are equipped is suspected, and is one of the most excellent ejection seats
nothing in the world.
Tthe conditions of K-36DM which can be ejected - the maximum Mach.3 -and the altitude of less than 24000m, and the fact of are also supporting only the ejection within subsonic shows how the ACESII ejection seat with which F-15 and F-16 are equipped is an outstanding ejection seat.

Usually, although it is good, and it will get whole body fracture and injured [ which it dies of in preparation ] if bad when flesh and blood are thrown up at 600km/h or more high speed, in escape by 800 or more km/h of airspeed, a window blast deflector (wind pressure defense board) develops, it rectifies so that an air current may not be popular with a direct pilot, and K-36DM is defendabout the wind pressure at the time of high speed.

Moreover, in a supersonic case, a pilot is taken care of by making a shock wave intentionally.
K-36DM has the function which controls a state, it is controlled so that close turns to the front by rotating a seat in the optimal direction, and it becomes the posture in which it lies down by the half. Incidentally a window blast deflector is in close.
Since the power of 15G weighs heavily on a pilot as a burden downward, an ejection seat hurts a head and its backbone and may leave a functional disorder.
In order to escape in from the moment, it is the common problem to which surely big G exists also in the ejection seat of not only K-36DM but others [ this ] since it is required.

Therefore, the head and hand and foot are restrained to the optimal position, and it is made not to receive a damage. Although it stops having no room to maneuver naturally, it is automatically carried out to deployment of a parachute.